Newcastle Radio


any stations broadcast live from supercars apart from triple m sydney


Love this!


I don’t think so.
I didn’t see any sign of any other radio station when I was there on Saturday.


I wouldn’t have thought NEW2UW would have had narrow enough appeal to be allowed to broadcast on a LPON.

But then again we have a LPON here in Toowoomba broadcasting from the 60s to Now on 88MHz at what’s has been measured as 300w+ PO
So anything is possible :wink::grin:


See, what a joke that is. Why won’t ACMA take stronger action against flagrantly operating LPONs?


According to Radioinfo, 2HD and New didn’t get the survey figures from Gfk but had to wait like the rest of us to get them - outstanding payments to Gfk, Radioinfo alleges


I had a listen tonight to 87.8 FM and it just seems to be branded as “Classic Hits FM”… No mention of 2UW.


Yeah I think I was a little premature. But I did hear it over the weekend. Might’ve just been a test. I know I wasn’t hearing things cause I got a tip off from someone.


Maybe ARN have sent them a “cease and desist” letter regarding the use of 2UW?


Doubt it - the website is still up


But they’re not using 2UW… they’re using

I believe ARN would have a hard time proceeding with a prosecution given the name hasn’t been used for many years and one of the key justifications for action is demonstrated use and the potential for confusion in the market. No one these days would mix up and KIIS.

In the UK when ITV dropped News at Ten, Sky immediately picked up the name for their 10 o’clock bulletin. ITV made noises about the name and the solution was simply for Sky to call it “Sky News at 10”… ITV had no case.


Radio National in Newcastle runs the Country Hour live at midday.

However the FM translator for Port Stephens airs the national program.


I thought the Country Hour was always on RN?

Or is that just in metro areas because in the bush it’s carried on local radio…?


IIRC, RN’s Newcastle frequency airs a Rural and Resources report from Mike Pritchard in Muswellbrook in the morning and airs the Country Hour as there is quite a bit of ag industry around Newcastle.


Correct, it’s a great piece of program customisation that thankfully survived the budget cuts that removed metro status from ABC Newcastle.

Shows the capability of ABC radio master control who can organise such opt outs.

If you are within the Newcastle city basin, in car reception of the Gan Gan Hill translators is sufficient if you wish to continue with the national program.


Correct! Listenable down to about Swansea and west to Maitland, but coverage to the north isn’t aa good, struggles to get past Bulahdelah.


Correct. Reception across the Port isn’t good on FM.

What I was amazed is that that Gan Gan Hill signal is quite fine for car travel even on the southern side of the descent towards Belmont off the the hill south of Charlestown. So you have a hill of over 100m as an obstruction and the 97.5 signal keeps going. So the 90.5 signal should boom across Lake Macquarie.

Out at Gresford, Dungog, Singleton, Maitland and the roads in between, AM reception isn’t that good.

I recall estimating at least two or three further FM translators would be needed for the inland areas mentioned above.


Was in newcastle today. The beaches are nice there… Anyway its now confusing now kofm is now triple m. Look at my car’s radio station list when scrolling through the receivable list. I think they should add newcastle to the RDS.

The best radio I enjoyed was Lake Macq fm on the drive home. It gets wiped out by abc radio illawarra at the central coast highway exit.


Isn’t there an eight character limit on RDS names?

Mind you, that wouldn’t stop the possibility of having something short and sweet like “MMMNewy” or “MMMSyd”!


A historic day for Newcastle today with modern era trams beginning:

What radio station, if any will be covering the event live?

When the Gold Coast tram opened in 2014, ABC and all three commercial stations made some mention of it.

In Dec 2017, Hot Tomato was the media partner for the stage 2 Gold Coast opening.