Newcastle Radio


Manage to find app so can listen to 2uw using Android auto. The app look like something from the noughties but does the job. The audio quality of the stream is good.


Don’t know if anyones noticed (can’t see it mentioned here).

The New 2UW is owned by Commercial Broadcasting Company Pty. Ltd.

The original 2UW (now KIISFM) is owned by Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation Pty. Ltd.

Notice any similarities between the two?


they own 2KO. Trust me I know, because I tried to get it ages ago and SCA blocked it. If anyone tries it with the 2KO name they will be in court quick smart.


Seems like they are indeed going to use KO and NX … or at least try to use KO.



they can have fun in court then!


Maybe if they want extra fun in court they can have 2ue reborn in Newcastle too. :wink:


Not sure if this has been mentioned


There is an LPON operating for the Newcastle Supercars 500 event this weekend.

I found the choice of frequency to be interesting… It’s 96.1.

Particularly when it’s sandwiched between ABC Port Stephens and Triple J / Coast FM and shares it with The Edge… As there’s heaps of room for it down below 92Mhz.


KOFM lives on…


I remember spending some time in Cessnock/Pokolbin a few years ago (yes I’m a bit of a wino) and getting The Edge on a portable, I imagine it gets into Newcastle in parts as it is?


Yes, it does, it can be received quite well in elevated areas.


On the Newcastle Inner City Bypass near Windale I have received it with RDS. Rainy Feb afternoon.


I went for a drive into Newcastle, and started to get the 96.1 racing channel from Highfields into Hamilton (didn’t try and go further than that due to road closures because of the racing).

Though even at Hamilton, which is only about 4 kms from the race, The Edge still interfered with the racing station at times.

Back home here at Charlestown, there is no sign of the racing station, it’s all The Edge here, even in the car.


Seems the New2UW has gone terrestrial. 87.8FM


Where do they broadcast from?


I think it’s New Lambton Heights (which is only a few kms from my place, but because I’m on the south side of my apartment building, I still get RAW FM on 87.8 as well as 88.0 in quite a few spots)


It is New Lambton Heights, but it’s not at one of the multiple comms. sites.
They transmit from the top car park at Blackbut Nature Reserve. Just off Lookout Rd. near Grandview Rd & the Optus/Voda site near the water tanks.


@Laoma you can look up the ACMA radcom database for the definitive answer. Will look tonight myself when I can.


Not sure. Their Facebook page says Mayfield

Also I might’ve been a bit premature about going Terrestrial. Might’ve been at the weekend but that frequency has gone back to Classic Hits Radio


87.8 the Classic Hits Radio Narrowcast station, transmits from where I said previously, & I don’t think it’s listed in the ACMA database?

The studios are at Mayfield in the Iron workers Center at 161 Maitland Rd, (Level 2 I think).