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Triple M did their whole breakfast show on the tram last Friday morning, picking up celebrities and dignitaries and taking them for rides.


Yes I think you are right on the character limit.

One thing is for certain Sydney FM and sometimes Wollongong gets into Newcastle better than what Newcastle gets into Sydney. So it is unusual to see both Triple M on my radio list (Also 2st is a factor) in most parts of Sydney. If 2GO became Triple M then they would need to do something.

In my car I would prefer a traditional radio at times where the scan is more manual and does not sort by RDS (mixing FM with dab), sorting by freq is easier and a separate dab band. Given driving around Newy, Sydney dab is unlistenable.


Yes, Newcastle commercials are only 2kw towards Sydney vs 20kw from the Gong and 55/150kw from Sydney (I am right on the 25 degree bearing where the max 150kw output changes to 55kw, presumably to reduce overspill into the Central Coast).

What they could do is add frequencies (or truncated place name as @SydneyCityTV suggested into the RDS to differentiate between the various MMMs, eg MMM NEWC or MMM102.9 (which is ironically how it was for a few hours on launch day).

Yes, Sydney DAB is only listenable right on the coast in Newcastle in normal conditions. Even elevated locations like Braye Park reserve (near Waratah) and is about 70m ASL with a good line of sight to the south can’t get DAB, as it’s somewhat blocked by the hill that my suburb of Charlestown is on, which is about 120m high.

I think I will go and check out the light rail open day, will keep an eye out for any on site media coverage by local radio and TV.


Great idea @Radiohead, it’s on until 4pm.


RE: Sydney going North, theoretically yes but reality no, the Artarmon & Gore Hill FM antennas (main) are essentially omni-directional, with some smaller loabs between the faces.

Don’t know about any Radio or TV at the light rail comunity day today (Sunday), 2HD are doing breakfast from the Wickham interchange tomorrow (Monday), for the first official operating day (public having to pay to use the service). NEWFM may be there too?


That’s interesting and good to know, and that makes sense as i haven’t noticed any real difference in reception anywhere up this way.

Do they run the full 150kw except for those loabs?


Short answer, Yes.


DAB is highly restricted north. I wish dab was onmi directional. I listen to the sydney radio on an app, so no need to protect the local radio stations. Unless it is restricted to protect tv reception then its understandable.


We were talking FM, but DAB+ is highly restricted in all directions.

If you look at the DAB+ radiation pattern, it’s actually restriced more in the West & South Westerly direction from Artarmon, than it is to the North.

It was done like that, to not only stop overspill to Katoomba & the Illawarra, but to protect TV in Bathurst & Canberra.

Random Radio

Post restack, this should be removed. Then again, tried in Brisbane and mired in an impasse into its third year now with no leadership from ACMA or the minister’s office. No surprises there, consistently disappointing.


Thanks for that.


If that was the case, I’m surprised it wasn’t restricted to the north as well as Prime7 at Middle Brother (Taree / Port Macquarie) was on 9A prior to the restack too. And it’s also vertically polarized.


Also just got back from checking out the new light rail in the Newcastle CBD.

No sign of any media presence, either radio or TV.

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TV would’ve been just NBN and ABC right? I guess they would’ve been there early to file and finish as quick as they could being a Sunday.

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I was there from 9.30 to 3. Popped in to see a mate from Hit 106.9 too.

I saw NBN (Lauren Kempe), ABC Radio, Triple M and the Herald all walking around filming and interviewing.

Was a great day. Nice and warm, people were patient and happy.


Good to hear! I wasn’t at the Interchange for long (12 to 12:15 perhaps).

I agree, it was a good day, a lot more people there than I thought there would be.

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NewFM has a new look website

A similar format to the 2HD website.


I swear I heard that secret sound on 102.9 Triple M as the secret sound on Gold FM a couple of years ago. Wonder if the answer will be the same?


I saw former Knights player and coach Michael Hagan in a Newcastle shopping centre wearing a collared Triple M polo shirt yesterday.

Didn’t realise he had joined their call team this year.’s-triple-m-call-team-returns-2019


He has been with us for several years now - but I joined this year as their button-pusher! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also trying (and so far failing) to get them to call all Manly home games - #GOMANLY