Newcastle Radio


If it wasn’t digital, this station would pull some good numbers against the current Newcastle stations. Music formats like this are hard to find, yet I believe they would appeal to a lot of people. Good to see the 2UW name going around again. Just seems unusual for it to be coming out of Newcastle and not Sydney.


Working on a video tutorial, but in the interim:

1 - Copy the URL:
2 - Launch TuneIn on your phone.
3 - Go to Favourites
4 - Scroll all the way down, tap Add Custom URL.
5 - Paste the URL in the box that pops up.
6 - Tap Save, and it will launch the stream.
7 - Tap the Heart icon on the top right.
8 - Create a name, say NEW2UW, and tap OK
9 - The stream will be saved, but funnily enough not under its name. Don’t worry, it connects.

If anyone from New2UW is reading this, you might want to submit this to TuneIn! TuneIn has removed the public form.


Yeah cause terrestrial radio in Newcastle is so terrible.


Video tutorial - note it is silent except for a snippet of audio.


Fascinating @Brianc68, thanks for sharing. Quite a strange programming decision, I guess this was due to other stations commencing 24 hour broadcasting.


Thank you guys… I was trying to do on pc it worked on the phone :slight_smile:


It kinda feels like North Sydney bears being moved to the central coast (or being reborn in the central coast) after so many years being in Sydney haha. BTW I don’t support the bears. Lets hope they survive for longer than the bears did.
I notice a few of the tracks distort to my ears. Like sexual healing by Marvin Gaye.




Or like with how so many former Roosters players are now playing for the Knights!


Have been listening to this online and while the music might be pretty good the talent is absolutely woeful to put it nicely. Their demo is definitely over 40s yet most of those won’t stream which is completely pointless.

I don’t think they will be worrying any of the local newie commercial stations in a hurry.


Yes this was when 4MB first went 24hrs. 4BU beat them to it by maybe a year. The thing I remember the most was an article in the paper quoting the 4MB management saying the listeners would get to hear “top quality metropolitan” announcers as a major benefit of the overnight network shows. At the time I thought how insulting to the local announcers :). Anyway sorry wrong thread.

Radio History

Did that include Sydney ads as well? I suspect they didn’t have the pulse or whatever they call it back then


Cheers. If only I could get it on iHeart Radio so.i can listen data free


My memory may be failing me, but I seem to recall local ads, and they rarely if ever mentioned 2UW. The announcers seemed to keep it “generic”.


Just an impression , it feels like Talking Lifestyle but more local for Newcastle :slight_smile:. Some Real Estate agent I think on now.


Watch this space (or that space).

Not too sure on the 2UW right’s but yes I think you’re right.

Todd Sergent of 2NURFM bought the 2NX rights about a week after SCA dumped NXFM. He owns (Radio 2NX), I think he’s waiting for KO to be dumped & he’ll get that too, he did it so SCA would be sorry & have to pay him to go back.

Hint, 2NX is coming soon, as a sister station to


Thanks, hopefully they can recreate some of those old 2NX sweepers for it, like “the longer you listen, the better the music gets”


Unfortunately the tunein add station link does not work in the car under Android auto. I have to do it manually.


make a bet?

SCA own it and will own it for many years to come


Yep, SCA own the KOFM trademark:


They don’t own 2KO or Radio 2KO though.