Newcastle Radio


I dare say New FM will have it delayed. I hope not though.


Did I hear correctly Sophie Tiller will be at New FM?

In other news KT&M will be on 98.1 Power FM


Yes, that’s correct.

Word is that her contract expired and SCA chose not to renew it.
She was supposed to start at New FM this week, but that’s been delayed due to a legal challenge from SCA - so late January is the expected date now. I assume there was some kind of no-compete clause in her contract.


I’m no legal expert, but I can’t see how SCA can enforce a no compete clause after the completion of a contract.

Surely Sophie should be a free agent by then.


That possibly comes down to the details. The contract may have had an expiry date later January (but SCA decided to take her off air earlier). Alternatively the contract could say something along the lines of can’t work for a competitor in the same market for 30 or 60 days after the contract expires.


That doesn’t seem fair to the employee… telling that they can’t earn a wage in their current field of expertise after the contract has expired.

I always thought these clauses were only meant to operate to prevent the employee terminating early if they got a better offer elsewhere.


They’re also designed to minimise listeners following the talent. They are a reason why most talent moves are to different markets.

These types of clauses are common place across many industries. They do have questionable legality, and can sometimes be illegal. Usually they can only be about immediate competition and only for a short period of time. The amount of pay linked to those contracts can also play a factor - contracts that may more money can get away with being stricter.

In this case, the reality is that SCA would have really only been trying to push her start date back to after the hit106.9 breakfast show are back with their new recruit. Any legal challenge, even if unsuccessful would involve in Sophie’s start being delayed anyway - so ultimately it would have been easier and cheaper for Sophie and New FM to just delay her start date for a couple of weeks.

At the end of the day there’s not enough information to say exactly what the arrangement is - just because she finished up on air in November doesn’t mean that’s when the contract ended and SCA stopped paying her.


You’d think she’d be getting paid anyway if it’s a salary. I hope she at least is getting a quid. That or SCA are paying her contract out and don’t want to pay for her to work else where if her contract ended let’s say for arguements sake the 15th of Jan.


“Kennedy Malloy”will be stsrting 5pm on KOFM

My point stands what’s the point in having a delayed drive show, it makes no sense to me. I’d rather have music alone than doing that.

Maybe Mike Byrne can answer why this is the case, does syndication only allow for a 1 hour delay?
And it looks like MG’s “dead set legends” will not be available at 6pm regionally which is a shame.


The whole Greatest Hits network is taking it 5-7 except for Shepparton which is taking it 4-6.

It allows the regionals to play their music format inside the program and leads into Greatest Years in Music.

The Rush Hour with MG would have been good too but you can only do so much.


I know there’s only 2 stations when Gold FM took 4MMM’s Drive last year but they made it work. Surely there’s a regional feed that they could go into.

I just see no point of doing a show if it isn’t live and not having the DSL is a step backward imo. I’m hoping if they drop it that they’ll pick up the NRL coverage in Newcastle on the weekends but I don’t like my chances.


Just went to look on the app and

Isn’t that Kev from Triple M Central West?


I don’t think this was mentioned before, but Kim “Kimmy” Bauer from New FM’s “The Novos”, is moving across to 2HD.


This must be the only BOG station with two announcers at breakfast on the AM stream.


I think New FM is the only one of the FM SRN/BOG stations that have two announcers on at breakfast? The others all seem to have only one presenter on their breakfast shows as far as I can tell.


That’s the smell of a oily rag for you.


Zoo FM in Dubbo does -


92.9 (Onefm) did go two up for a while


What happened to Newfm’s live stream?? I’m sure they had it before?


Poor Upper Hunter residents. I flick through the radio of an afternoon and Marty needs to be separated from the other two - he’s the only saving grace. The show is utter crap. The fact that this show is being syndicated is proof that Australian media needs to be treated like the characters of Threads.