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Did Sophie leave Hit106.9 breakfast, her names no longer in the sweepers and what not.


According to the Hit 106.9 Facebook page, Sophie has left the station, her last show was on November 21 so they have said they will introduce the newest member to the breakfast show in the new year.



Let’s just say Sophie’s departure from NXFM (Hit 106.9) wasn’t exactly what she wanted. :wink:

At least she got to do a goodbye show.


Surely they didn’t get rid of her? She’s got by far the most on air talent. Sure, Nick might have a good radio brain but he’s average at best on air

Maybe she was asking for more $$ ??


Breakfast on NewFM would be interesting. Unrealistic though.


Better than what’s on there.


KOFM taking Triple M’s music feed after the cricket, probably didn’t log a playlist, different sound but great songs being played.


NewFM now taking Kate Tim & Marty for the drive home, questionable move but I like it, every FM station in Newcastle now taking national drive, interesting times ahead.


That would mean that in the new year, 2NUR & 1233 ABC will be the only stations in Newcastle to have local drive programs.


Yes interesting times ahead, I think we need quality drive shows and I believe it’s a risky but strong move for New, this show fits their audience perfectly, I don’t thi k Kennedy Molloy will be good for Newcastle though but time will tell.


Rumours going around if her Instagram account is anything to go by, that Sophie Tiller will join the Novo’s on NEWFM in 2018, and Jess Farchione originally from Hit Shepparton will join Nick & Simon on Hit106.9 Breakfast in 2018 as well.


Just heard NewFM’s news tag say, “the Novo’s with a fresh new face”.

Will someone be leaving The Novo’s as well?


I think it’s a good pickup for NEW with Kate, Tim & Marty, not alot of regional stations take it, I’ve actually listen to it on Nova quite a bit and I quite enjoy it but time will tell whether that will rate well in Newcastle same goes for Kennedy/Molloy on KO.


Replacing The Novo’s with Nova. I wonder if they’ll use that to appeal to Novacastrians.

Will they be live? Will they go network-wide? I’d love to know the full story because nothing has come from Nova Ent about this big move. Maybe they don’t care much of it?

And how does ARN feel knowing they’re mixing the two? Still followed by K&J?


None actually. The only syndication of Nova shows is highlights of Fitzy & Wippa and Ash, Kip & Lutsy.


How will Kate, Tim and Marty work on any other station other then Nova as the show is very Nova, their comps etc.

Unless the show will be just Kate, Tim & Marty and drop any reference to Nova in their program. IMHO this would make the show sound generic like Hamish and Andy / Hughesy & Kate.

Or do they do a dual program for non Nova stations, but this would be more difficult to do compared to a day shift with five breaks. The only way this could be done is to record a two hour show for non Nova stations and play it in drive.


Dual program is totally possible. Hughsey and Kate have already done it with each station having their local station names called. Nova already do it for some of their shows - I’ve heard Smallzy refer to Perth on the Perth broadcast.

Triple M also used to do it for shows networks to regional stations before Triple M rolled out regionally - cities would have “Triple M” called but this was cut off for regional broadcasts.


Yeah… none of the above is likely to happen.

This is a Network which runs K&J that say “Good Morning” at 5pm, and The Novo’s that mentions “On the line this morning from Maitland on 13 10 09”.

Very little, if any editing is done for these shows. If it is a delayed KTM show, I doubt they’d even edit out Nova.

Keeping the Nova branding may have been part of the cheap negotiating.


ACE Radio are advertising Kate, Tim and Marty are coming to their Mixx network in 2018 also, airing 5-7pm.
I’d expect Nova will edit the audio for distribution, similar to how they do Fitzy and Wippa.