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Barry Graham is the biggest showbiz asshole i’ve ever had the misfortune of working with. Lucky his talent exceeds his enormous ego. Just ask him… he’ll tell you.


Talking to yourself @MikeByrne oh dear.


The 2NM/Power FM repeaters on 93.3 MHz and 94.9 MHz at Ravensworth Mine are currently off air; there was no sign of them as I drove from Muswellbrook to Singelton yesterday afternoon. The Glendell Mine repeaters are on air, however; 99.1 MHz for 2NM and JJJ on 100.9 MHz. Both of these are best received midway between Muswellbrook and Singelton, with 99.1 MHz generally struggling against ABCRR Narrabri.


Didn’t know they had JJJ on 100.9 there… thanks for that.


I see that Glendell Mine is basically at Ravensworth; perhaps they deactivated 93.3/94.9 MHz and activated 99.1/100.9 MHz instead. There was a JJJ on 91.7 MHz too which wasn’t there yesterday. There’s no alternative frequency for the Power FM repeater- the mine bosses probably reckon 98.1 MHz is strong enough (and it’s probably not appropriate music for mining types!)


The name is very appropriate though.

I wonder how many listeners in the Upper Hunter thought Power FM was named in reference to the Liddell and Bayswater Stations?


Luke Bona’s show seems to air a lot of callers from mines up that way, so KO FM seems strong enough that many don’t bother with NM/Power combo.


I’m at HVO and half the trucks we have only get Power FM and it’s crap, you have you get a newer truck or one with a good receiver to pick up the 2NM relays.
There’s 2 or 3 trucks which pick up WS, KIIS and 2DAY and others than can barely get 98.1.
Because we have electric whee motor trucks the AM signal will only work if the truck is in park.


We won’t if we can get the Newcastle stations. Most of the boys listen to KO while the younger guys and girls could tune into Triple J (102.1) Hit and some event New FM.


Relays, plural? I could only get 99.1 MHz last week. The coverage is fairly poor even on my good car radio as I mentioned earlier; Narrabri dominates the frequency as close as 10 km from the Glendell mine. 100.9 MHz JJJ probably gets out a bit better, though this too would suffer co-channel interference from 2PSR Port Stephens. Do you know anything about the status of 93.3/94.9?


About 2 weeks ago you could pick it up with a good receiver but over the weekend I’ve been down in the pit (a lot harder to pick up the weaker signals obviously) I’ll check tomorrow on day shift if I’m up on the top side.


Thanks. I thought the whole rationale for these mining relays was to enable reception of local commercial stations deep in the pits.

Another bit of Upper Hunter FM news that I forgot to post: 107.7 MHz SBS Muswellbrook is running SBS programming; it had the VAST loop before. 100.1 MHz Murrurundi is now just an open carrier. A better use for these frequencies would be JJJ/Classic FM relays or even SBS Chill as in Port Macquarie.


The bosses don’t care if you get radio or not just as long as work is done. 93.3 still exists but it’s very weak.
Today I got the Newcastle stations as clear as day down the pit so it’s not that they need a relay to provide us with relays as any truck out there whether it’s got the worst receiver in the world or the best one on the market will get Power FM on 98.1.


True but about 90% of the show’s content is about Rugby League. Just like Sportsworld on the BBC World Service. It’s about 95% Soccer


Not on 2NUR FM no


Speaking of the Upper Hunter. Last time I was up that way it was near the Power Stations that I started to lose the signal of Newcastle Radio stations.


If Newcastle ever had a rugby league-based talk show on radio, somehow I think it’d probably be very red and blue…if you know what I mean! :wink:


I know exactly what you mean. Just as if Brisbane had it’s own Rugby League based talk show it’s be geared to the Broncos


It’s a good idea for an advertorial sports show, club pays for the air time.

Newcastle and Brisbane have their share of under performing stations where such money would be welcomed.


They could take the weekend Triple M shows buuuuuttttt