Newcastle Radio


Here’s a sneak peak at our new digs… got my first look last Tuesday. It is amazing!


Thanks for posting!

I was a bit surprised that there is a ‘green screen’ room at 18 seconds in…
Are they planning to use that to shoot promos or something?


Yes, it looks like a great location!
Shame some of those harbour views will be lost…
Oh well…

When does SCA move out of Charlestown to Honeysuckle?
And will NBN be on the same floor?


Looking forward to checking it out next week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was originally intended for TV work - filming commercials and the like - remember this plans we decided up before SCA sold NRN to WIN - even before the affiliation switch I believe.

NBN’s move has nothing to do with SCA. I dont believe we even know where they are moving to - probably not even the same building.


Said it since KO reduced their coverage, only to get bagged for it.


wait til you see the pods in the jocks area… I’d never be at my desk!


KOFM will start broadcasting from Honeysuckle tomorrow.
Nick and Sophie on Hit106.9/NXFM have to wait until Monday (not sure where the weekend shifts will come from).


Simon Baggs has turned up in Newcastle.
He will be filling in for Nick Gill on the Hit 106.9 breakfast show when he goes on paternity leave any day now.


The building was officially opened this morning by Jimmy Barnes and Ian Moss. Nice how it wasn’t opened by a politian for once. Part of the deal was it was also announced that Chisel would be playing in Newy during the V8 Supercars in November.


Particularly in the case of H!T, “Ya got nothing I want, you got nothing I need” (unless you want some nice studio equipment).


NBN News was there to capture the moment.


Regarding lack of a league talk show on commercial radio, is there such a show on community radio in Newy?


Isn’t Talkin Sport on 2HD?


It isn’t really a rugby league show, it’s a generic sport program I think.


Not notable anyway.


There’s the dead set legends on KO nightly from 6 which I think is to keep us sport fans happy. I’d love the weekend shows to be aired, especially when I’m at work on the weekend, it’s something different but we can’t all have what we want I guess ahaha.
On another note good to see the awesome 80’s across SCA being bought back. Still a bit too much of the new stuff for my liking but again networking doesn’t help.



Incidentally, I was in Newcastle this morning and noticed that the morning team on KOFM were having severe technical problems when they signed on at 6am. The theme played for a very long time and then someone said ‘hello?..’ and then some very muffled sounds from the other side of the studio where the other presenters were trying to get their microphones to work. They threw to a song as they sorted everything out and apparently went to a second studio.


Barry Graham now arrives in a chopper to the Tanya and Steve Tower in Honeysuckle… meanwhile I rock up for my football shifts in an old jalopy.