Newcastle Radio


the log is done locally from Newcastle by Blanchy.


I meant the playlist that they have available to use.


Is there a reason why network music directors can’t give local stations a list of say 400 songs to choose from between 6am and 6pm for that day, and they work out which 160 odd songs from that they play?

The list of 400 would be chosen to prevent it from being played too close to one from a network programme.


I guess some stations don’t have the staff, KO do it themselves but not many other SCA stations do.


It’s also a massive waste of resources. Larger markets which having varying numbers of stations and formats do need their own logs to make sure the stations fits the market well, bit in smaller markets where there is little or no competition this isn’t necessary - for example people in Shepparton and Albury have very similar choices and will have similar taste in what they want on a particular format. Most wouldn’t even know they get the same playlist as the other town. Making it different is just more work for no real gain. It’s better to have logs created centrally by people who are given more time to formulate a good log than what would happen if someone in a local station had to create the log on top of their existing duties - some stations in other networks do this still and the resulting logs are often critisized on here for being all over the place.


Look on Triple M Albury page and people are asking if Pip selects the music in the morning, most don’t know that it’s put together by a music director.


I’ve noticed that 2NUR now has their Now Playing/Recently Played feature on their website, which provides a good indication on what type of songs they play on the station, particularly during the general ‘easy listening’ programming on weekdays, weekend mornings & late evenings.

You can see it here (it also can be seen on their main page):


Who’s that’s bloke that’s been on KOFM in the afternoon recently? Has been on a fair bit.


John Piva - he’s filled in for Little A who’s back tomorrow.

I followed Piv last Friday paneling footy - he’s former Hot/Sea Cairns, ex Star brekky Port Macquarie. Nice bloke.


Don’t mind Piv, he’s been on a lot recently is he casual in Newcastle now?


yep he’s a casual now. I think he’s on again this Friday 4-6


No Sunday footy on KO tonight, sigh…


They had Roosters v Bulldogs on earlier, would have had Knights game as well… I can probably understand why they didn’t - I imagine 1233 are covering Storm vs Rabbits anyway.


This would be considered competition. You’d have a call on 1233 and a commercial station. Only cost cutting in recent years has seen this stop. Disgraceful.


I meant that they had already aired 2 games.
I think the ABC does a better job anyway.


It’s another option and I don’t think it’s cost cutting, I think they’d rather play music. I sound like a broken record but they are doing the bare minimum for footy at the moment and it’s frustrating as a footy fan. That being said I do listen to KO over any other station and I think in terms of promotion and weekday programming Mike Byrne and his team have done a fantastic job in that aspect but I think they’ve missed the mark massively with the footy. Is there some things as an outsider looking in that I’d like to see changed or revered? Of course but with the tools they’ve got they aren’t doing a bad job.


Yeah with the exeption of ABC Grandstand Newcastle radio is without a football related show which is madness if you ask me.


Well Saturday afternoon there isn’t one. If you’re lucky you can get CCT on 981 2NM.


And I wonder how much of a reflection that is on the Knights on field performances the last few years…

ie. If they were doing much better, KO may be more inclined to air more of Triple Ms NRL coverage.


Newcastle is probably the most league-centric city in Australia, so the lack of a dedicated commercial NRL call is baffling. The performance of the team is immaterial to the target audience of the CCT; most of them bleed red and blue.