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Very nice promo though sad they’re capable of producing something as (all) good as that and one of their flagship shows (cough The AM Show) has the most horrible graphics :face_vomiting:

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Viceland in New Zealand is now just Vice

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Three of has acquired the global and local franchise rights to Love Island. Added to The Bachelor and Married At First Sight, the channel now has 3 romance shows?! This also means that TVNZ OnDemand has lost out on streaming rights.



It’s a genre that’s working for them big time currently but these things go in cycles and the backside could fall out pretty quickly.

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Good to see Mediaworks poaching from TVNZ for once - hope it pays off for them.

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If Love Island is as successful for them as MAFS, TVNZ may have cause for concern-



Married at First Sight

Nice to see them making solid inroads on 1 News, after many, many years of clear dominance by TVNZ.

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Such a shame the highest rating shows these days are nothing but staged reality love show garbage. All absolute shit.



Agreed. I’ve been watching Newshub on and off since Newsroom revealed ex-TVNZ head of news Anthony Flannery was reviewing the bulletin. Must say it has improved greatly (increase in live-crosses, exclusives etc) and considering the lead-in is pretty much nothing (Modern Family) the gains are impressive.

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As I understand it, Newshub has been told to have 6 live crosses per 6pm bulletin. A lot of the time I find them on both networks completely meaningless. I know why they do them, for perception, but it is so dull.



Too true… I particularly like the crosses to locations where nothing has happened for hours.

You almost want the reporter to say “nothing is happening here right now… but 6 hours ago…”



Oh, that’s interesting. 6 is a lot.
Often wondered why no ones ever been game enough to shake up the 6pm format with something similar to RNZ Checkpoint. Or The AM Show format with a bit of tweaking.



Because the 6pm news is watched by older people who don’t like change.

And change still won’t bring in younger people who are t watching TV for news and/or aren’t home at 6pm.

Note: this post contains broad generalisations



Yeah I’ve often thought the same. If it’s a big story, why not a 2 minute interview with a newsmaker. I think the only exceptions to this are on major news events, like when Sir Ed died when I recall Helen Clark, the PM of the day doing a live into the 6pm bulletin or around the Chch quake time.

Would certainly make up for some dreary filler stuff they role out late bulletin.

Same in sports news…they seem to think it needs to be a wrap of the last 24 hours. Why not an IV or extended chat with a sportsperson.

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Except Helen Clark was not Prime Minister in 2010 or 2011. Try 1999-2008 (3x 3 year terms). The PM during the entire earthquake sequence was John Key.



Yeah sorry, I left that with an incomplete thought. I meant to say Helen Clark did a live X on the day Sir Ed Hilary died.




ISTR that when Simon Dallow first took on the One News at 6 job, he wanted to turn the bulletin into something more in-depth, with interviews and analysis, but the bosses said no.


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Three’s The Cafe returning April 1st. A very long extended break.

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