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Three’s The Cafe has new lower third graphics for 2018 as well as a slightly reworked set.

Also for their advitorials

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Details of TVNZ’s Coverage of the Gold Coast Games… Link



Three has rolled out a new promo to promote their programming this year. Lineups use a different soundtrack too.



What is that Three The Cafe?

Talking Lifestyle on TV?



A vehicle for infomercials essentially with some light interviews around it. Funnily enough, it’s recorded at TVNZ but broadcast on Three.



It sounds terrible, looks like Talking Lifestyle on TV. Thanks for your info.



Does anyone have caps of Three’s refreshed idents?




Too many ads (cutting to ads during netball games then resuming on other side several minutes later), showing non-NZ events at expense of NZers (I can cop this if it’s a blue riband event…but instead of Kiwis in track cycling knockouts this afternoon we got Canada v Sierra Leone in beach volleyball).

The only sports reporter/presenter they have fronting the coverage is inexplicably only on TVNZ Duke (Guy Heveldt) while they have News and current affairs hosts presenting on the main channel.

Coverage seems to move around channels for no reason.

It’s a very good advertisement for what Sky has done with Comm Games/Olympics since they got them in 2010. (Use FTA Prime to show wide range of events, bit of everything then have 8-10 separate feeds on Sky Sport of individual sports to watch start to finish.)

In conclusion, it’s virtually unwatchable.



Yeah TVNZ haven’t been great with their coverage. Viewers in NZ have become used to Sky’s efforts in broadcasting these events so an FTA broadcaster will always pale in comparison now.

The choice of presenters are most curious. I am no fan of Toni Street but she was a sports reporter for One News and you may remember her terrible sideline reporting at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I would have liked Peter Williams fronting the prime time coverage as its his last year at TVNZ and sports presenting was something he done back in the day.



They could have ditched TV2+1 and put another extra channel in too, which would have helped alleviate the congestion of coverage.
More info is needed too, put up captions so we know whats on the other channels, and stop airing trailers, splash the odd watermark/annoyance during the quiet moments or in between heats instead.
And yes, they’re chopping and changing too much - if they’ve screened an event live on Duke or Gextra, don’t play it 10 minutes later on 1, save it for the highlights reel and show us something live!
Sheesh, sigh and phew.

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I was flicking through channels last night and TVNZ1+1 has actually been taken off air for the games with a title card taking its place explaining this. Is it to do with rights or infrastructure to run the extra games channel?

It seems a waste to shut down a channel when it could have been used to show more coverage.



Infrastructure. As I understand it, the bandwidth used for +1 is being utilised for Games Extra.



Spark (formerly Telecom New Zealand) yesterday won the NZ broadcast rights to next year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan. It will sub-license TVNZ to show seven matches live on FTA, including the opening game and the final. All RWC matches will be streamed live and on-demand not only to Spark customers over their home broadband or mobile connection, but also to non-Spark customers via an app on a pay to watch basis, with packages to include a tournament pass and passes for individual matches.



DWTS looks to have a pretty decent line-up this year! It’ll be interesting to watch Naz Khanjani, Marama Fox & Gilda Kirkpatrick at it.



Will be interesting to see a comparison of reach from broadcast TV in previous years to the online model.

I remain unconvinced we are there yet for on demand to replace broadcast TV for sport.

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Will be very interesting. But the All Blacks are the ones to do it in New Zealand given they are the country’s biggest team.

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I thought the biggest team in NZ were the supporters?



Is the Kordia digital TV station still running?

What is/was it? What’s the content?



I think it was a test channel. Pops up on occasion but it’s only to run frequency tests AFAIK.



I’d really like to know how it is possible free to air television in NZ manages to fast track acclaimed international drama to their audience while Australian broadcasters sit on their hands and ignore the buzz surrounding highly anticipated shows.

Killing Eve was listed as a must watch show in a News Corp column that discussed the TV hits of 2018 in early January. Five months later and nobody has any idea when this might hit our screens or who has the rights. Bloody ridiculous. They wonder why viewers are abandoning Australian free to air in droves.

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