New Zealand TV


TVNZ operates as such, with three commercial channels. It just happens to be owned by the NZ Govt, who take a (small) divvy each year.

Public television is served by a funding agency, NZ On Air, which funds programmes across (in theory) any channel (including radio, online, music videos, Radio NZ).

Quite frankly, apart from a few weeks when television first officially launched back in the sixties, NZ television has always been commercial (apart from the few non-commercial nights, which were phased out to eventually what we have now, non-commercial Sunday mornings).

Long live the ABC!



Spoilt for choice for Saturdays 2017 General Election Coverage… four TV offerings this time (and three of them in HD)…

TVNZ1 - 7pm - midnight; 1 News Vote 17 Election Night Special. Mike Hosking, Hilary Barry, Simon Dallow, Wendy Petrie, Corin Dann & Jehan Casinader
Three - 7pm - 12:15am; Newshub Election Special: Decision '17. Duncan Garner, Paddy Gower & Lisa Owen. Audio Simulcast on RadioLive?
Maori Television - 7pm - 11:30pm; Elections Aotearoa. Particular focus on the Maori Seats
Radio NZ - 6:55pm - 12:05am; Election 17. John Campbell & Guyon Espiner on Freeview 50 or on SKY TV via Face TV. Audio Simlulcast on Radio NZ (Radio).



It’s great to see an effort by many NZ broadcasters this election. I hope too that Three get Sam and Mike to anchor this Saturday.



This year radiolive is opting for its own coverage with own hosts and all.



I assume Mike and Sam will be LIVE on location from one of the party HQs? Much like what TV3 have done in the past.



Interesting move that.

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Three Lineup



Is the Kiwi version of The Project as left leaning as the Australian version?

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Yes it is!

Host Jesse Mulligan is close friends with Jacinda Ardern - leader of the Labour Party.

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Yes , Is it written into the show bible that all hosts much be left leaning ?!

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Yes. In the case of the NZ version it is partly to counter the right leaning and National Party supporter Mike Hosking who is one of the co-hosts of its rival Seven Sharp who has a quick editorial at the end of each episode.

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They haven’t done that all year

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Jesus Christchurch get rid of the cafe, what an abortion of a show. Makes good morning look perfect.

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The most annoying person on television…



ID rather watch Suzanne Paul on loop for ten years straight than other 2 minutes of Holly. Drilling af

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Sky Sport has changed its on screen DOG this morning, but their appears to be no further on screen presentation changes.

Old DOG then new attached.



Looks kinda retro!



Oh Thank Goodness… their old logo reminded me of an anus*

*Community reference or Freudian slip? You be the judge.



New Zealand’s television history archive under threat


Here’s the guts:
The government promised 20,000 titles digitised and online by 2017
Ngā Taonga’s agreement with the government was for 7000 titles digitised and 5500 online by 2017
N.T. has digitised 2070 titles, and put just 24 of these online
200,000 Betacam tapes have to be digitised by 2025 at the latest or be lost forever

Source: RNZ

All I can do is sigh. Yet another badly funded and ill-followed up scheme from your previous Government… well done guys, can you see why you’re the opposition now? Sheesh.



Yeah it is definitely the lack of TV archiving that has them on the opposition benches.