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that’s OK I saw a video elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Cable network branding in Australia is fantastic.
Broadcast network branding in Australia is stuck in the 90s

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Now it’s three they could play around with the letter three in future idents like channel 4 uk did with the letter in different locations I still think going the personality way is the way to go it’s very three .
Since nov 27th 1989 when I woke up to Russell rooster & the news with Joanna Paul I only get the feeling only on three.



I’m quietly gagging in the corner. Sorry, but I HATE it.

It does look like what FOUR should have been though, had they put the effort into that poor wee channel.



The logos a bit ugh but the brand as a whole is very “online”



Some caps of the brand relaunch as seen on Newshub Live at 6pm tonight.

The Three watermark during the news.


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Has a UK feel about it, looks great! Take note Australia…

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I’m glad they got Teuila Blakely as a channel voice over… always liked her voicing the Burger King ads… not sure on the guys voice though. But nothing is bad as Primes.



Nope, sorry. +HR=E looks like a really vapid attempt at targeting the ‘youths’. It’s a major terrestrial free to air network, not MTV.

It appears to be very jarring going from that into Newshub.



Its been a youth-ish channel forever. Younger demo graphic than the other 3 fta channels.

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  • Human Resources = Energy ?


I like the look - but yeah logo is a bit try-hard.



Here is an example of the edge tvs brand. Just over a year old.

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Last night I was lucky enough to be part of the test audience for Three’s The Project.

Was great fun and has a great vibe.

The studio is a carbon copy of the aussie version and has been copied very well. Slight changes in the set due to the studio size and height.

I wasn’t allowed to take any photos but all will come clear on Monday



Is it being filmed at Flower Street Grady?



It gets filmed off site in the old yes shop building around the corner on Boston Road

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sounds awesome @GradyACN. cant wait for the project!

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Great to see rawdon Christie back on tv after 6 months on three’s panel on this mornings AM show with the classic last sentence the AM show is the only breakfast programme I watch after he was dumped from tv nz’s breakfast .
Rawdon wil do well if he ever decides to go back to tv & three will gain a fantastic broadcaster as three becomes the leading network for all people 25-54
In the next couple of years.



Capped from Three’s Live Stream between 5:30 - 7:00PM Aus time.

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Survivor NZ: Nicaragua starts Sunday 7 May on TVNZ 2, hosted by Seven Sharp reporter Matt Chisholm. The program will air two nights a week.

Over at Three, they have ruled out another season of The X Factor and won’t screen the new season of the UK version. Meanwhile two new shows have been commissioned: Married at First Sight NZ and Slice of Paradise. The latter seeing ordinary Kiwis wanting to find property.

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