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This was from a while ago in December 2018.
I was in the Far North and usually on 100.7 FM is/was RadioLive Mid North but for a few days I was picking up Triple M station.
I could only assume it was Mid North Coast (2PQQ) signal from Port Macquarie as they are on the same frequency. They must have boosted their transmitters or something have no idea but it was intermittent (Just over 1900kms away). This was during the day I did tweet about it a while ago.
I just thought it would be interesting to bring up :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a longer piece of the audio at 4pm on the day.

Dropbox Link


Probably not a signal boost but ‘Tropical skip’ where the atmospheric conditions allow the waves to travel.

There’s some links in the top post in this thread better than I can describe. AM and FM DX


That would make whole lot of sense. Very interesting reading about it.
I only heard it over 2 days and never got it again. must of been the stars aligning haha.

I know on Cape Reinga you can pick up Australian Radio stations, I remember picking up a station or two on my phone with an FM receiver.

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If you check that topic from about here in Dec 2018 you can see that NZ stations were being picked up in Australia at the time.


Wow. I really did miss out on that. Damn I should of been on the hunt. Thanks for the details. Will keep my ear out now Haha.

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Extremely interesting and thank you @NaruTVMock for contributing.

Have you contacted SCA with what you have posted here?

Local office is here:

SCA’s chief engineer is now known as what? It’s been a long day.

As a country station, the staff will be fascinated and glad to hear from you.

2 days is sustained, very interesting, the weather has been different this winter.

You will get it again, especially in summer, just have to be lucky.

Weather enhanced reception of distant stations, DX is a wonderfully ethereal, intangible phenomena that unless you’re there, signals will drift over and no one may be the wiser unless you’re listening.

Thanks @TV.Cynic again, yes, a great read, I recall.


I can confirm this. I send a short clip and message to 3BO about 3 summers ago when we had an intense opening and commented I had received their transmission and Brisbane and to confirm the song. Their chief engineer and PD both replied and thanked me for the correspondence.

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The Hits Dunedin now has a local 9-12 show with Tracey Chambers as the announcer. I’m assuming Callum and P will remain on air in Southland permanently with this move.

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Interesting indeed. I presume Jason Kerrison didn’t last long in Southland btw? Did anyone ever hear it? I presumed Liv Cochrane will return to the 9-12 slot after her maternity leave but who knows.

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If you’re still kicking around on MS Charlotte, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be interested in hearing how your dissertation went.

An Auckland taxi driver has been found not guilty of indecently assaulting radio host Jay Jay Feeney.

Can one of our NZ friends give me some info on Magic Music vs Talk stations? How much programming do they share or are they totally separate stations? It’s a bit hard to work out from their website to be honest.




PHD spreads Magic feelgood message

PHD has created a new campaign for MediaWorks oldies music network Magic, which aims to stimulate the emotional attachment between the feelgood music Magic plays and its audience.

The tagline Turn Up The Feel Good transposes into the creative with real people, in real situations, listening to music and having a feel good time. The creative is intended to be warm, yet vibrant and “invites people to switch their dial and have a bit of a boogie”.

This campaign rolls out in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch across digital billboards and buses as well as TV, VOD and digital placements.

i saw this tonight

That is also used on the Nova network in Australia for Friday Feels.

And get your Eurobed and Bambillo there too for just 4 easy installments plus p&h… Didn’t realize that guy was doing radio ads as well!

When RadioLIVE became Magic Talk they switched VO guys to the infomercial guy and phased out the other guy Simon Frank’s.

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Heart UK called, they want their positioner back


Mediaworks won’t be too happy about Fletch, Vaughn & Megan beating Edge Breakfast in 25-54 as well as 18-34 - as MW position themselves as ‘The 25-54 audience company’.
I’m thinking Dom Harvey will be moved to another station at the end of the year…

ZB down slightly, of course they say this is due to a quieter news period. Would this survey have included Simon Barnett & Phil Gifford Afternoons?

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