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ZM’s team right now is the strongest the station has ever had. It was a good decision to bring in Bree and Clint. I can’t believe Mediaworks wasted him on George.

Dom should move to More drive. But he’s actually the one on his Edge team that tries to egg on more fun.

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I feel the rest of the Edge breakfast team is too safe so it makes Dom stand out like a sore thumb. It obviously used to be JJ and she was uniquely wacky but also had that personable touch whereas Megan comes across lovely but just not as a commanding presence in a team scenario.

intereasting results…i still prefer the sound but i guess
its only a small audience they cater to
the breeze seems to do well here in canterbury

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Anika Moa no longer just a guest host on The Hits…

A good full time addition.

Have to say I’m liking The Hits playlist at the moment. Much wider and older variety than More FM.

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heaps of countdowns on the moment

there is a good link on you tube the radio vault
plays grabs from old radio shows even heard the
opening day of 89 stereo fm in auckland fred botica was the opening host
(way back in 1983) heard some old audio also of radio hauraki shows
featuring the late kevin black
check it out

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I would sign Jono & Ben to Breakfast with Meg & move Dom & Randell to Drive. I’ve never really thought Sharyn or Meg have clicked with their co-hosts.

I think Dom & Sharyn would have similar vibe to when Jay Jay was on the team.

I would take Jono and Ben off the radio all together they add nothing to anything and have the driest sense of humour if you can even call it humour. Horrible duo.

must be holiday time on the sound fm in nz
as relief announcers on for the next week

8:30 tonight on Prime, Making NZ looks at broadcasting…

Hear the incredible stories of how our nation was built from the ground up. This episode looks at broadcasting in NZ from its beginning in radio through to the digital future.”

Though be warned, Making NZ tends to gloss over a lot to fit the 40min running time, so anticipate inaccuracies, omissions and resist the urge to throw the remote at the tele.

(I’ve also posted this in the NZ TV page, as the programme covers both mediums)

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Rumour has it that he may be heading back to Australia to take up a role at SCA as Chief Content Officer.

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NZME have reinstated a local show in Nelson with Breffni O’Rouke hosting a Breakfast show on Mix since early October.


Interesting they’ve chosen Mix. Wonder if we’ll see the end of local shifts on The Hits soon

Interesting indeed. I wouldn’t ever rule it out but they have introduced a local day show in Dunedin this year. NZME have axed The Hits local day show in Taranaki recently however they still have a local breakfast show broadcasting in the market on Hokonui.


Jono & Ben leaving Mediaworks, joining TVNZ and Radio Hauraki as new drive show in 2020.


Probably an easy decision for them both when Mediaworks have only left them with a radio show. But they have both worked at the company for quite a while now.

I am sure Jono Pryor will be happy to be back playing rock and ditching top 40 pop and R&B. It was a an odd decision to move them from The Rock but I guess Mediaworks seen more alignment with The Edge based on the TV audience.

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NZME knows how to hit Mediaworks where it hurts…
I’m gonna take a guess that they’ll move Tammy Davis from George to The Edge

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Possibly a way that NZME hinted at this move recently…

Last week Bree and Clint did a segment where they sent a lotto ticket to Jono, Ben and Sharon for the $38 million draw. Sharon made the suggestion that they could possibly send Clint Roberts back in exchange for Jono and Ben.

Steph Monks to replace The Edge Workday host Guy Mansell, who is leaving to join The Rock Morning Rumble as a producer.

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