Network Ten 2018

Discuss Ten’s programming for 2018.

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No one will really know anything until Ten’s ownership is clarified

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Neighbours is certainly staying after FremantleMedia signed a new deal with Channel 5 to air the soap in the UK all year round. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and MasterChef are returning.

Ten has bought the rights to 8-part Canadian documentary Rocky Mountain Railroad, which follows the crews who keep Canada’s freight and passenger trains rolling across the country’s most extreme rail lines.

oh and Bold And The Beautiful will probably remain. Early indications are no major changes except the loss of shows like This Is Us and The Simpsons until the ownership position is confirmed, whether its under CBS ownership or some other option

Ten News axe?

Sandra national?

Quarters offered co-host alongside her but will probably decline the move.

That’s one scenario :wink:

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might replace Ten News with CBS News


So after the end of Bachelorette, I think 10 should air Bachelor in paradise.
The Biggest Loser, Common Sense and Whose Line is it anyway I believe has been gone.
What happens to the low rating show The Wrong Girl and Shark Tank? Can both these shows face the axe this year?
Have You been Paying Attention/Offspring - I don’t know whether these shows will return or not.

If Quarters and Sully do a Great Job in Recording A National Weeknight Bulletin with Five State Windows for Local Stories just like Nine News Regional.


I’d think branding & other big changes will have to wait; first comes FIRB approval, then the CBS takeover can be final.

Once CBS can take control, they’d want to review the situation & existing plans before deciding what to change, and so it seems unlikely we see much change in January, unless CBS already have some ideas they’d like to put into place ASAP.

It’ll be interesting to see if CBS branding starts creeping in, perhaps CBS News reports shown in their entirety, maybe more CBS news programmes overnight, or how about initially removing the solid 11 logo cover-up of the CBS watermark (on the Late Show & Late Late Show) (and instead the normal 11 watermark appearing in the 16:9 safe zone, next to the CBS eye watermark, which stupidly still seems to be in the 4:3 safe zone).

I really doubt (& certainly hope they don’t) go to a single national weeknight news bulletin; hopefully news is improved & expanded rather than contracted… maybe a national bulletin at noon, or 22:30 (probably wishful thinking).

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How would they do it? pre-recorded windows or a pre-recorded insert to cross to a state based presenter for each state eg Georgina Lewis presenting Brisbane and Darwin, Narelda Jacobs presenting Perth, Nick Butler presenting Adelaide and Tasmania, whilst Sully and Quarters do Sydney and Melbourne respectively?

That could work, especially if you consider time zones around Australia.

On weekends would you have Hugh Rimington with the former Melbourne co-presenter with state inserts from the former co-presenters in the respective states eg QLD does QLD/NT, SA does SA/Tas, WA does WA and NSW And Vic does their respective states?

would that work? not sure

would be easier to keep the format as is, unless they did want to their hand at a 6pm edition, but before that, I think they will want to fix other sections of their schedule before making any major changes. The only possible change I could see if they did try a 6pm bulletin, would be to do a half hour edition as an alternative to a 1 hour screening on Nine and Seven. That could be trialled over the non-rating period December/January.

A 6pm bulletin on the back of the 5pm new, much like Nine News Now and Nine Afternoon News.

A bulletin starting somewhere between 11:30pm and 1pm could also work and a 10:30pm news bulletin could work.

Perhaps even revive a 1hour news bulletin at 6:00am or 6:30am as an alternative to the breakfast shows.

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This thread should really be about discussing confirmed shows for 2018 which we won’t know until their upfronts next month, there’s already an appropriate thread to discuss the network post CBS takeover and ‘what if’s’.


I think Bachelor in Paradise should air in March to May between I’m a Celebrity and MasterChef. Ten has to make sure its 7.30pm line-up will last until the final week of ratings year.

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She has a name…

Candice Wyatt (and she’s really good) :slight_smile:

Seven or Nine will eventually poach her for presentimg, you can bet your bottom dollar.

And as such it’ll be Iocked until then.

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On your marks…


The loss of live F1 coverage (except for the Australian Grand Prix) and 20th Century Fox programming deal is an opportunity for Ten to revamp its 2018 schedule, although it may still remember the big mistake in August 2012 when it launched several new shows on the same week (Being Lara Single, The Shire, Everybody Dance Now). It will be interesting to see how much input CBS will have on Ten’s line-up next year. The ratings failure of The Wrong Girl, Sisters and Wake in Fright means Ten will have to reconsider its drama offering.

With Hugh Riminton presenting updates in Sydney today, Lachlan Kennedy in Brisbane, Candice Wyatt in Melbourne, Kate Freebairn in Adelaide and I assume Rebecca Munro in Perth I think it’s safe to say that all Ten’s main news presenters will be at the upfronts. Hopefully some announcements about News & Current Affairs in 2018?