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Why are Ten branding it as a new episode?!

Network premiere because there is a new owner?


Not sure that’s how it works :slight_smile:



During Sisters they played a promo advertising it as a new episode

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The current season is in the middle of three-week break in the US. It will return with two more episodes on November 29 and December 6 which will be the last new episodes for 2017. Ten showed a repeat last night and may just continue with old episodes, since official ratings end in two weeks’ time.

Week commencing 26 November 2017

Sunday 26 November
12:00 - 06.00 pm AEDT Supercars: Newcastle 500

Brisbane Perth
05:00 pm Ten Eyewitness News

05:30 pm Ten Eyewitness News

06:00 pm Family Feud
06:30 pm The Sunday Project
07:30 pm Bull S2 Ep7
08:30 pm Wisdom of the Crowd S1 Ep4
09:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans S4 Ep8
10:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt
11:30 pm The Sunday Project Rpt

Monday 27 November
07:30 pm All Star Family Feud Kyle Vs Jackie O
Radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O are set to put their friendship to the test this episode.
08:30 pm Have You Been Paying Attention?
09:30 pm Man With A Plan S1 Ep7 and 17
10:30 pm TBA

Tuesday 28 November
07:30 pm Jamie’s Super Food S1 Ep2
08:30 pm NCIS S15 Ep7
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles S9 Ep9
10:30 pm TBA

Wednesday 29 November
07:30 pm Jamie’s Super Food S1 Ep3
08:30 pm Law and Order: SVU Rpt
09:30 pm Sisters
10:30 pm Hawaii Five-O Rpt

Thursday 30 November
07:30 pm Cram! S1 Ep5
08:30 pm Movie: Daddy’s Home (2015)
10:25 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

Friday 1 December
07:30 pm The Living Room
09:00 pm The Graham Norton Show S22 Ep8
Guests: Mel Gibson, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, Shirley Ballas & Kesha.
10:00 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Rpt

Saturday 2 December
06:00 pm Jamie’s Super Food S1 Ep4
07:00 pm TBA
08:00 pm TBA
08:30 pm TBA

Just a few points with this schedule:

  1. Sisters episode 4 aired this past week with episode 5 airing this Wednesday at 9:30pm. So should this schedule not be episode 6?

  2. Man with a Plan - looks like they are slowing down with the double new episodes. Interesting considering without the new doubles they will not be finish before the BBL starts.

  3. Obviously a red herring with the Wednesday schedule. They will probably air Sisters at 9:30 again with Madam Secretary at 10:30 or they will go with a double episode season final of Sisters.

  4. They would have a new episode of SVU available on Thursday 30th if they fast tracked but obviously they going with a movie.

AFAIK, Man with a Plan Ep7 is a “Christmas” themed episode that seemed to have been skipped:

Update: Sisters has been now been changed to a double episode so that should be the season final - the original production was listed for 6 x 72min. Will have to see if that changes again.

Thanks for that update on Man with a Plan. I did not know that the Christmas episode had been skipped.

I saw the original run of Sisters episodes been a total of 7 - so they would make episode 6 and 7 being the season final

No indication if that’s the season finale of HYBPA? I thought it usually finished up in November


No - or if it is the year end special.

Do you know when will CRAM end for this year?

With HYPBA, saw a promo saying “final weeks” or “final few eps” or something.

Not surprised they’re stumped, given recent Saturday results :persevere:

Next Monday is the season finale, saw the promo at the end of tonight’s episode.

Schedule Update:

Wednesday 29 November
08:30 pm Law and Order: SVU Rpt
09:30 pm Sisters

Saturday 2 December
06:00 pm Jamie’s Super Food S1 Ep4
07:00 pm TBA
08:00 pm David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities
08:30 pm Law and Order: SVU x 2 Rpt

Too bad all the radio adverts still say Sisters at 8.30 on Wednesdays when it is now 9.30.

And all the buses & taxis here in Brisbane :man_shrugging:t3:

Given up on the movies already.