Boy Swallows Universe Cast Announced As Production Begins On Series Adaptation For Netflix

Production of the adaptation of Trent Dalton’s iconic Australian novel, Boy Swallows Universe, by Australia’s Brouhaha Entertainment together with Anonymous Content, and Chapter One, has begun in Brisbane, Australia.

The 8 part limited series will screen globally on Netflix and will star Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Warcraft, Raised by Wolves, Black Snow) as Lyle Orlik, Simon Baker(The Mentalist, Breath, High Ground) as Robert Bell, Phoebe Tonkin(Babylon, Kid Snow, Transfusion, Westworld) will play the role of Frances Bell. The roles of the young Eli and Gus Bell will be played by Felix Cameron(Penguin Bloom) appearing as Eli Bell, and Lee Tiger Halley(The Heights, Featherweight, Crazy Fun Park) as Gus Bell.

Other characters central to the lives of Eli and Gus are played by Bryan Brown(Cocktail, Breaker Morant, Two Hands and Palm Beach) as Slim Halliday, Anthony La Paglia (Nitram, Florida Man, Without a Trace) as Tytus Broz, and Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me, The Fuck It Bucket, The Portable Door, Tom Jones)in the role of Caitlyn Spies.

Other cast include; Christopher James Baker(True Detective, Ozark, New Gold Mountain) as Ivan Kroll, HaiHa Le (Hungry Ghost, Back to the Rafters, Hardball) as Bich Dang, Deborah Mailman (Total Control, Mystery Road, Offspring, The Sapphires) as Poppy Birkbeck, Ben O’Toole(Hacksaw Ridge, Detroit, Bloody Hell, The Water Diviner) as Teddy, Zachary Wan(Never Too Late, The Unlisted, Hardball) as Darren Dang , Millie Donaldson and Eloise Rothfield will play the roles of 17 and 13 year old Shelley Huffman, respectively.

The series is adapted for screen by writer John Collee (Master and Commander, Happy Feet, Hotel Mumbai).

Executive Producers are Troy Lum (The Water Diviner, Saving Mr Banks, Mao’s Last Dancer) and Andrew Mason (The Matrix, The Water Diviner) on behalf of Brouhaha, Sophie Gardiner (Howards End, Little Women, Chimerica) for Chapter One, Anonymous Content’s Kerry Kohansky-Roberts (Foe, Boy Erased), Joel Edgerton (The Gift, Boy Erased, The King) and Toby Bentley (Best Interests, Kiri).

Directors are Bharat Nalluri (Spooks, Hustle, Life on Mars), Jocelyn Moorhouse (Proof, How to Make an American Quilt, A Thousand Acres), and Kim Mordaunt (The Rocket, Fires, Wakefield).

Director of Photography is Shelly Farthing-Dawe, Production designer is Michelle McGahey, Costume Designer is Kerry Thompson, Hair and Makeup Designer is Angela Conte and Casting Director is Nikki Barrett.

Boy Swallows Universe is supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland’s Production Attraction Strategy.


Can’t say I’ve been particularly excited about any of Netflix ANZ’s commissions so far.

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A pop-up Heartbreak High uniform pop-up shop will run this weekend at Newtown in Sydney, giving away 500 pieces of clothing each day for free.

The government of Suriname is considering taking legal action against the producers of Netflix’s new Korean original series Narco-Saints over the way the country is portrayed in the show.

Here’s my friends review of Heartbreak High i saw they posted on social media:

So I just watched the new heart break high on Netflix and im disappointed.
Yet again another show rebooted to go with a certain narrative thats being pandered to.
I’m not saying the show didn’t showcase issues that are relevant to today but mainly it was a bunch on horny supposed teenagers screwing each other every chance they got.
Where as the original tackled issues and had a decent story line that didn’t just rely on sex.

So I take it this is not like an Aussie version of Skins?

I hate how the people who make teen shows think we just want to see them do it all the time. Euphoria had this same problem.

I actually am enjoying heartbreak high.

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They already did that with SLiDE.


Wednesday, a spinoff of the Addams Family, premieres on Netflix on November 23.

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On Sunday, Netflix confirmed that Heartbreak High is also now in its top ten most viewed television shows globally.

Paul Muller, chief executive of the Australia New Zealand Screen Association (ANZSA), which represents Netflix, said it shows that the streaming platforms are putting quality Australian content at the core of their offering, and warned this could suffer with heavy-handed local content regulation.

“Streaming services are making fantastic local shows, and being successful with that in Australia and around the world,” Muller said.

“Heartbreak High is actually an example of something that is Australian as it can be, based on an Australian IP (Intellectual property). Every writer, every actor in it, everyone is Australian.”

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Not sure if anyone else here has watched Cobra Kai but it is currently one of my favourite shows. Season 5 was absolutely killer.


The Who’s Watch Inn opens at The Clyde Hotel in Carlton from September 28 to October 2.

Gadsby’s latest stand-up set, Body of Work, is more personal than 2020’s Douglas, which marked their follow-up to breakout the Emmy-winning Nanette. The special will be filmed this week at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Australian leg of Gadsby’s latest tour. It’s being recorded live with the assistance of the Sydney Opera House Trust.

According to Sydney Opera House website, Hannah will perform Body of Work at Concert Hall on Wednesday and Thursday nights this week.

Just goes to dhow that Australian producers should just make Australian shows with Australian stories. You don’t need imported stars to make an Australian show a hit overseas or change the language or slang to make it less Australian.

The world is frothing for Aussie Netflix hit:

Netflix’s Heartbreak High is rocketing up the charts, hitting number one in Australia a week after its release, but perhaps more significantly, it’s also winning fans globally. Heartbreak High was reportedly in Netflix’s top 10 TV shows list in 45 countries.

Is it the Australian slang? Is it because everyone has to google what an “eshay” is? Or how loose we are with the C-bomb? Is it that our public high schools are a little bit worse-for-wear and our teachers a bit fed-up?

Or is it just the general vibe of unapologetic, slightly abrasive teens who get up to dumb stuff? Because that’s what teenagers do – they make mistakes, say silly things and have sex and take drugs.

There’s an authenticity to the new series of Heartbreak High, a devil-may-care attitude that declares there is no room for American earnestness here.

Heartbreak High is 6th in English TV worldwide.

Number 2 in Australia


That is a bonafide hit. If a reboot was made for an Aus free to air or streaming service it wouldn’t have received this numbers. It’s going out to millions and millions of people.


Probably the first show to go woke and not broke. Let’s see if they can keep it up season 2

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