Netflix has ordered 16 more episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


Currently on holiday in the UK, pleasantly surprised to see I can still use my Australian Netflix account here. Everything works as normal, except it’s showing me the UK Netflix library, and while i’m here, I can watch programming that I can’t normally get on Netflix


It is Very Pleasant to kNow that you can easily access your account overseas and access different titles.


Or you could go out and enjoy the place you’re visiting, meet new people, have new experiences and make new memories. :wink:


That’s definitely being done. But it’s still nice to be able to watch Netflix at night before going to sleep!


Word to the wise, if you download anything from the UK library that’s not in the Aussie library to watch on the plane back home, make sure you have wifi/data off until you’ve finished watching whatever show it is as you’ll no longer be able to watch it.


Australian content on Netflix?

What Australian content is on Netflix?

Is it possible to search for it?

#617 tv shows movies.


Thanks @TV_Addict, what other categories are there other than TV shows and movies?


There are thousands of ‘secret’ codes.

One site:


Feel-good Australian Movies (879)

Vampire Movies starring Peter Cushing (3509)


Thanks again @TV.Cynic and merry Christmas to you, appreciated your contributions this year and all years before.


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is out tomorrow.


Instant Hotel Season 1 has appeared on Netflix, this aired previously on Ch 7. I thought Seven made this show themselves so interesting that Netflix has purchased it .

I hope we don’t start seeing shows like MKR or Back with the Ex on Netflix.


I guess it comes off the back of the success of Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix.

They might end up becoming franchises that Seven can expand throughout the world.


Nobody would force you to watch them.

It’s good to see local content being picked up by Netflix. It can see shows that don’t do as well domestically picked up (Zumbo), can keep local people in jobs, and hopefully some of the funds reinvested into local content.


Not a bad audience :open_mouth:


Add one more to that my flatmate and I just watched it so good unexpected kind of ending but loved it none the less



July? Boourns

Anyone watched Bandersnatch yet?


Watched multiple versions of Bandersnatch this week. I think we’ll one day view it a pivotal moment in Netflix and, more broadly, TV history.

Can definitely see this tech being adapted to a live reality format down the track.