How come there’s not one mention of The Haunting of Hill House? It’s all I’ve heard about lately.


Nobody stopping you from posting the trailer or info about it.


Netflix’s first original Australian series Tidelands will debut on December 14.

Netflix has also renewed Matt Groening animated series Disenchantment for a second season.

Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shape of Water, Pacific Rim) will make a new stop-motion animated musical about Pinocchio for Netflix.


Netflix has cast Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles for the upcoming third season of The Crown.


Not really. The last season was a bit ordinary IMO.


Did you think? I think it was a big improvement on the last.


Sabrina has just been made available, gotta day less cringy so far compared to riverdale but a massive let down is Salem doesn’t apparently speak. Still cringy writing though and typical Netflix teen shitty character arcs and themes.

Might just watch the old version now and have a few laughs.

That’s just my two cents though.


Salem was the only thing that redeemed that show (original Sabrina). Plus the new cat, looks really evil :stuck_out_tongue:



This has just made my day!


Man that season three Riverdale cringe factor :sweat_smile:

Yet I keep picking up Shawshank references


I didn’t mind Sabrina. Definitely different to the original.


The original cartoon? :wink:


I did love the cartoon.


Season 4 of Fuller House premieres on December 14 in the US (December 15 in Australia).


Netflix has renewed Bojack Horseman for a sixth season.


The latest adaptation of Watership Down is coming to Netflix.


Thoughts on the final season of House of Cards?



New David Attenborough documentary Our Planet coming to Netflix on April 5 next year.