Titled “Hoops,” the series centers on a hot-headed, foul-mouthed high school basketball coach (Johnson) who thinks turning around his God-awful team will take him to the “big leagues.” Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of the half-hour series.

Johnson will also serve as an executive producer on the series in addition to voicing the main character

“Hoops” is created and executive produced by Ben Hoffman, who previously wrote for
“The Late Late Show with James Corden,” “Archer,” and multiple Comedy Central roasts. He is repped by UTA and 3 Arts.


Netflix will adopt The Chronicles of Narnia novels into a TV series and feature films.


Titans has been renewed for a second season ahead of the series debut in the US next week.


continuing the list of things Netflix will ruin with it’s adaptations, The Last Airbender is going to be made into a live action version shudders


What else have they ruined? I found A Series of Unfortunate Events pretty great and true to the books.


They’ve done a whole bunch of horrendous live action stuff based off various popular anime series.


Anne with an E series two was horrendous.






Netflix has renewed Ozark for a third season.


Iron Fist cancelled.


This sounds good.


Final season of Orange is the New Black confirmed for 2019.


Netflix has axed Marvel series Luke Cage after two seasons.

Selma Blair, who is starring in new Netflix drama Another Life, has revealed she has multiple sclerosis on Instagram.


We’ve reached peak saturation for Marvel licensed content both for film and TV, not surprised.


This is the worst news!


South Park called it like two years ago lmao