I like how they seemed to have storylines that have stretched across months; it jeeps the characters relevant.


Actress Annie Jones is returning as Jane Harris on Monday 26 November.


Funny you should say that because on H&A it seems many of the fans are saying the opposite, that they’re sick of the long running storylines and want them to move on.

I agree with you though, some (not all) of these longer storylines have been done well, in particular the Finn storyline which gave the writers the opportunity to discuss anxiety and mental illness.

Does anyone know how long Kerry Armstrong will be on the show? She’s doing a brilliant job playing the nutty, manipulative Alice.


Love her; I hope she returns. Alice is about the only interesting character at the moment.

Also looking forward to the return of Jane.


Imagine if Magda reprised her role as Karl’s sister, and she was one who figured out what Alice is up to? It would be comedy gold!


Apparently this week they’re filming the funeral for one of the main characters. Unfortunately I don’t know which one!


Where does that spoiler come from?


A friend has done quite a lot of work in the past as an extra on Neighbours (she was the one who told me about Tim Robards). They asked if she was available this week because they were filming the funeral, but my friend is pregnant so they decided against using her.


Neighbours will be announcing some big news on Monday.

The Daily Star has jumped the gun and is speculating on the return of a Neighbours legend.


I must get back into neighbours


I love that advertising “10p cheaper than the Sun”!

Is Ozzy ok too?


I believe the episode with Alan Dale will screen on Christmas Day.



Neighbours to go from G rating to PG


This happened earlier this year. It has been PG for months.

ETA: It went PG from 30 April 2018


Paul recently mentioned that it was the 25th anniversary of his father’s death… So no surprise that he re-appears as a ghost.


I think it had the legality to, but they were still producing under a G guise?
I think tonight is the first ep that embraces the full PG classification.


Has definitely been PG For months. You can tell by the tone of some of the storylines recently.



There was quite a lot mentioned earlier this year when it went from G to PG. I assume they’re now trying to capitalise on the non-rating period.

Mind you, producing five episodes per week for 52 weeks of the year is a huge effort. It’s often mentioned how ‘fast paced’ our local shows are when you compare them to overseas shows, but to produce 260 episodes per year is a mammoth achievement.