A lot of soapies do that around the world. Neighbours is just the latest to go year round.


Shows like Coronation Street etc? I had no idea some shows ran all year round.


Yes, all the British soaps run all year round: night time Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and daytime The Doctors, Holby City etc.

The American daytime soaps do too. The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital etc. I think they just take a few days off a year like Christmas Day.

Same thing happens with soaps in Europe including those which are remakes of Aussie soapies.


Sounds like a scrooge inspired Christmas story.


All Summer Long


Is the Project having a break for two weeks? If so, they should run it in the main channel as a fill in. Might gain a bit or traction through January.


I could tell you that but guides are embargoed until 15th December. The information I have regarding The Project is not because of the guides, however it may breach an embargo that is not placed on me




Exactly. No idea either. lol


The name of the person leaving has been revealed on social media. I won’t spoil it by putting the name here but if anyone’s interested it’s easy to find.


Great idea. I am not sure if the project is breaking but it normally does for the week of christmas. They should just simulcast it for that time.


It’s pure speculation based on an actress posting a photo with another actress and captioning it “because it’s your birthday”. Fans know her birthday is actually in June and are speculating this was her farewell party. Whether it was or it wasn’t…forums have gone into meltdown.


Can someone put in spoiler tags because I don’t watch it and would like to know if it is a character i might know.


I’m fairly confident it’s true. A number of family members return for the funeral. I believe this person quit the show for family reasons.


I assume it will all come out before the funeral is show, but if not I’d suggest you watch because it’s a character who has been on the show for many years.


All good Jbar messaged me!


TV Week has a story about Patti Newton making a guest appearance in the 8000th episode of Neighbours.

She’s playing a character called Valerie Grundy and she has a dog called Reg. A nod to the late Reg Grundy, whose company produced Neighbours.


Episode 8000 will screen on 21 December 2018.


Neighbours screens on Christmas Day for the first time this year.

Here is the trailer:

Note, the voice of Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) at the end.

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Seems like this season of Neighbours will spill over into next year.