True…but what’s her character up to?


I am thinking up to no good especially with Paul liking her.


I believe Denise Drysdale’s character, Nance Sluggett, will appear next week, with Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) starting a couple of days later.


Neighbours just filmed their 8000th episode.


Denise’s first appearance is on Wednesday’s episode and Tim’s on Friday’s episode this week.



Denise’s first episode is tonight and the second episode she will appear in is on Friday October 12.


Looks a lot like Colleen from H&A!


Former Neighbours star.


The producers of the show have brought a piece of Melbourne history a W-class Melbourne tram,it will be refurbished and used on the set from Easter next year. Alan said the rumour is it could be used as Erinsborough’s Cafe but it’s just a rumour.


Here is the Ten News report.


Ahhh, so that’s the link between why his wealthy sister gave Karl a toy tram when she left Erinsborough.



From a series of photos Madeleine posted on her Instagram throughout the past week, she was involved in directing of episodes 8016-8024, which should be seen early next year.



Kerry Armstrong promo


Madeleine West will reprise her role as Andrea aka Fake Dee in scenes to be shown in November.


I’m assuming Neigbours will be going through all summer?


It is. Every day including Christmas Day.


Wow having Kerry Armstrong’s character Alice is certainly going to be interesting to watch, some big storylines with her daughter also reappearing again.