Neighbours is a Network Ten Soap Opera that will return on January 4, 2016. Until then, welcome…

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A Neighbours/Geordie Shore cross promotion for Channel 5 to promote that episodes will now screen on the same day in Aus and UK from 4 Jan 2016.

Daily Mirror UK

Neighbours stars exchange Aussie slang with UK subtitles
Cannings - Kyle and Sheila

Digital Spy video - Aussie slang 1

What did they say? Neighbours releases subtitles video
Brennan brothers- Aaron and Tyler

Digital Spy video - Aussie slang 2

Have heard some Neighbours promos on SCA the last couple of days, along with the promo push on TEN over summer hopefully reflects in the ratings for the shows return.

Yes has there ever been such a big push for this show…main channel promos and I even heard radio promos today for its return.

I don’t watch it but hope it improves numbers as it’s an Australian icon.

Even TV Week has a Neighbours 2016 calendar and a number of stories. They haven’t had this much coverage in ages.

The real-life wife of Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) is joining the cast as Julie Quill. Scottish born Gail Easdale met Stefan when they were doing pantomime Aladdin in London and they have three kids.

Neighbours 2016 ‘Never been Hotter’ promo shown in the innings break during tonight’s BBL coverage.

Mark Howard: “Slightly different to the Neighbours I know, doing well over on ELEVEN”. Guess we’ll see with the ratings tomorrow.

I know the media constantly report about soapie stars trying their luck in Hollywood and here is another one but this time it’s interesting that it’s The Sydney Morning Herald doing the reporting.

Neighbours’ Olympia Valance signed by Hollywood agents who look after Chris and Liam Hemsworth

Felix Mallard (Ben Kirk) returns to Neighbours as a regular
Digital Spy

As revealed on Sunrise thread, Andrew Morley (formerly of Home and Away and Melbourne Weekender) has joined Neighbours as John Doe, who has no family ties to the area and a mysterious past. He will debut in April.

What’s your source?

Telegraph has a story now


…, landing a regular role on Neighbours, playing the part of John Doe, who arrives in the fictitious Erinsborough (on air from April) with no family ties to the area and a mysterious past which Paige (co-star Olympia Valance) helps him to unravel.

Thanks for that link.

News Corp reports former X Factor contestant Jai Waetford has scored a role in Neighbours. His character will debut in May.

Herald Sun reports 18-year-old Sydneysider Sarah Ellen, who has big presence on social media, will play Madison, the daughter of Scott and Charlene Robinson and sister of Daniel (Tim Phillipps). She will debut in April.

Thanks for that.

Although it hasn’t been announced officially yet, Ally Fowler is also joining the cast of Neighbours as Nina Williams, mother of Amy Williams, grandmother of Jimmy and former girlfriend of Paul Robinson. She will now be known as Nene after she “reinvents” herself.

This is a bit of a sore point for long-term viewers because the role of Nina Williams was originally played by Leigh Morgan. Meanwhile, Ally Fowler played a regular character in Neighbours called Zoe Davis in 1986. This isn’t the first time Neighbours has recast a character or recycled an actor for a different role but to some viewers this is annoying.

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