I think it’s more about Ten’s erratic scheduling of next day repeats?


Sorry, yes, I meant the encore screening.


I had no idea Magda would be that good! She was so funny and director probably told her to really play to her strength, maybe even ad lib a bit?

Oddly, I actually forgot the same sex wedding was last night but because I am a regular Neighbours viewer tuned in like normal anyway.

And ratings reflected how good it was with viewers rewarding the episode, keep up these event eps producers :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not a Neighbours viewer, however for me, the positive thing about this is that it is a manifestation of the growing maturity of portrayals of gay people in mainstream TV.

As this writer notes, having gay characters in shows is not especially new. Will and Grace was a major hit over 20 years ago.

However, it, along with grittier contemporaries like Queer as Folk and the L Word, were specifically conceived as “gay shows”, with a cast of primarily gay (and/or lesbian) characters.

Where you saw gay characters in non-gay targeted TV shows, storylines tended to focus on their struggles with their sexuality, coming out and the like.

Thankfully, we are increasingly seeing more rounded, normal gay characters, living normal – if heightened and fictionalised – lives. Which is, of course, what most gays are actually doing out there in real life.

I am all for it!


It is wonderful the gay residents seem to have been embraced. The Indian family weren’t. Still a way to go. Would love to see more Aboriginal residents and disabled.


Well, since then they’ve had another half Indian family in the street. Can’t recall such vitriol for the Rebecchi Sharma family.


Americans were lagging behind. Australia was featuring gay characters in dramas 20 years before Will And Grace :wink:


Number 96 is just one example.


Ah yes, who can forget Don Finlayson in Number 96 when he told someone he was ‘a hom-o-sexual’!


The Box was another series in 1970s with gay characters in the main cast. Lee Whiteman was a flamboyant and openly gay television producer. And Vicki Stafford (Judy Nunn) was a bisexual television magazine journalist.

Skyways had a lesbian main character who was later murdered.


Agree. More religious diversity would also be exciting to see.


Wentworth has had at least 4 indigenous actors portraying indigenous characters…it can be done


They did have an Aboriginal act of in the main cast for a couple of years but unfortunately thet hardly ever mentioned his heritage or family.


I’m not saying it needs to be rammed down people’s throats as there is obviously more to a character than their culture or heritage. But I can’t recall the last time Neighbours or Home and Away had a racist storyline.


Do you watch Neighbours? They have had a long running racism storyline involving Yashvi and her family over the past six months, from one of her team mates.


On Twitter, Alan Dale has revealed he is filming something for Neighbours from Atlanta where he is filming Dynasty 2.0.

Interesting since Jim Robinson was killed off after Alan had a dispute with producers over pay. All is forgiven now.


Probably a Paul Robinson flashback scene.


People have been guessing that it is either a dream or they’re doing another Halloween web series with alternative timelines.

Maybe a Scrooge A Christmas Carol special episode this year for Paul Robinson.


Perhaps they’re contacting some former cast members to talk about their time on the show, presumably to be shown in conjunction with the 8000th episode?


Magda has been terrific this week.