You funny.


Talking front covers of the mags and you @JBar being an expert on ratings can answer this question what rates higher Neighbours or Bold?


Well, Bold does because it’s still on the main channel in a decent timeslot. Neighbours struggles being on Eleven.


Neighbours gets 200K - 300K while Bold and the Beautiful gets 300K - 450K isn’t it?


Neighbours gets less on Eleven but its something like that if you include the Ten screening. I think Bold is getting less than that too these days.


Episode 8,000 for broadcast on 21 December


So there is a three month gap between filming and broadcast.


Around about that long. They shoot two weeks of outdoors scenes and then two weeks of indoor scenes and edit the scenes together, so it’s not quite a straightforward 3 months.





Magda’s zany character telling Susan it’s tough titties :rofl::rofl:

End credits was a Mr & Mr photo album with wedding photos.


The whole episode was hilarious. The interaction between Magda’s character and Susan was gold!


Yep very funny and top it off the look on Karl and Susan’s face when they discover Jemima is the long-lost sister Karl has been looking for :joy:


They also produce six episodes a week as opposed to five, to allow for production breaks at certain times of the year.


Shameless product placement makes me LOL




Just watched the episode online (because I can’t rely on Ch10/11 actually showing it). I loved it. Magda was brilliant and I actually had goosebumps at the end of the ceremony.


You can’t rely on Eleven showing it?

It’s on 6:30pm weeknights all year round.