Seems like Ten are screening programs all over the place. How is the audience supposed to keep up?


Exactly. I usually record the 2.30pm encore but then they started screening Pointless. So I started recording the 8am encore but that became Pointless too. Needless to say I’ve missed quite a few episodes over the past two weeks. C’mon Ch10/11, show some respect to the viewers!!


Double meaning there… :slight_smile:



What was with the advertorial for Ancestory in tonight’s episode? Thought I was watching Studio 10 for a while there…


They’ve actually had quite a bit of product placement in the show in the last few years but it has never been as blatantly obvious as it was tonight.


The giant Coca-Cola vending machine outside the garage would have to be close?


The brand is also flaunted with sales at the coffee shop. Also, taxi branding is prominently shown when one departs.


Today’s Daily Telegraph has a feature interview with Magda Szubanski, who played marriage celebrant Jemima officiating the marriage of David and Aaron. That episode will air on Monday, September 3.


Kerry Armstrong joining Neigbours in a guest role.


They’re getting some big names as guests these days. A shame more people aren’t watching.


Im still watching :wink: - 13 years strong, been watching since I was 10 haha.


Been watching a bit longer. 33 years.


if TV Week gave them even half as much love as they give Home And Away there’d be more people watching


Next week, Neighbours is having Australian television’s first legal same sex wedding. You’d think that would be a big enough deal to warrant a mention on the cover of TV Week. But no.


Someone has done a cover that should have been…


I completely agree with that notion.


Seems the other TV magazines can manage to have the big storyline somewhere on the cover, unlike TV Week.

First Gay Wedding

Here Come the Grooms


You old fart! :rofl:


I started watching when I was 3. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: