It’s official now. Debra Lawrance is going to be joining Neighbours as Susan Kennedy’s sister Liz.


Two really good storylines at the moment, in particular with the return of Finn. The Cassius storyline looks to be quite interesting too, without giving anything away…

But Dipi and her ‘Flapper’ production…no!!


Photo of Neighbours sisters Debra Lawrance as Liz Conway with Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kennedy.
And another photo with Liz’s daughters Elly and Bea.



Her first episode is later this week, l remember when Debra and Jackie worked together on Prisoner over 30 years ago.




Apparently his character has something to do with Chloe.


Is it just me or is it just that they are now using more celebrities from Reality TV in Neighbours.


Certainly seems that way doesn’t it, lots of stunt casting.


Funny tenplay trending ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ for July, appears it will be a monthly recap on the catch-up site for the show.


Neighbours really need to stop their use of CGI. The scenes where Chloe, Mark and Aaron were supposed to be on a boat (complete with seasickness) were absolutely cringeworthy.


Was it really hard to film the scene on a real boat on Port Phillip Bay?


When they did try recently it was an overcast and then rainy day but that’s no excuse for green screen and CGI. It looks fake and awful. They only started using it this year. It needs to stop.


Have they stopped showing encores the following afternoon on Ten?


Yes. Moved to mornings.


Pointless has been on at 8am as of late… or am I missing something?


Must be because Australian Survivor is so long in repeats in the afternoon. Pointless repeats started off in the afternoon slot but must have been shifted and Neighbours was shafted.

If there’s only one screening, it might explain the increase in evening ratings on Eleven this week.


Thanks. That’s why I asked, as I can’t see it scheduled anywhere on the main channel. Do we assume the encore screenings will return to Ten at some point?


Not sure. They don’t seem to care.


Neighbours was on a 8am this Friday morning. Pointless at 2:30pm this afternoon.