I think everyone would choose the mid-2000s theme! Golden era IMO (apart from its early years of course).

Just like I’m sure eveyone would choose the same era for the best Home and Away theme (although they got rid of themes around 2009)


Which one was during the purple credits era where it looked like the back of an envelope?


That was 1992-1998.


Any reasons why there has been no preview for the next episode before the credits the last week or 2?


They seem to be using some very distracting background sounds lately. Happened again yesterday when Dipi and Shane were in their backyard, where for some reason the background noise was way too loud. Happened a few times last week too, to the point where I muted the sound because I thought it was outside my place!


Denise Drysdale is joining Neighbours in a guest role.


Surprised that it’s taken this long


Apparently Denise is playing the sister of Sheila Canning played by Colette Mann. Can they please get Patti Newton to play their other sister?


Had a feeling she would be playing her sister,the way she was dressed was a hint to me.


How about bringing Denise Scott back too as Toadie’s aunt Coral? There could be a scrag fight between the two Denises. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Has Denise Scott been on Neighbours before?


Toadies mother Angie would also be another who could have a cat fight with Denise.:joy:

Sheila and her sister will most likely dislike each other so sure to be some fun scenes l would imagine.


Or a sprout fight.


Yes, she was.

Coral was the mother of his cousin Tad, played by Jonathan Dutton, now a director on the show. He is also married to Eve Morey, who plays Sonya on the show, wife of Toadie.


Denise appeared in two episodes in 1996


That would be brilliant! How do we start a petition?


A friend was working on Neighbours yesterday and said Tim Robards was filming. Does anyone know if this is a cameo or does he have a guest role?


That’s a big spoiler. Maybe he’s playing Denise Drysdale’s son. :wink:


Or her toy boy!:rofl:


Anything is possible on a soapie. :joy: