I’ve seen the list. Bit meh to be honest. The regulars look pointless and some of the guest returnees are head scratches.

Ned as a regular? Why? The majority of his family are no longer there and Piper will probably leave next year. I did like his relationship with Piper but it’s a little too late. I also don’t want Terese hanging on only to collect waifs and strays. If she has no purpose, axe her.

The new gardener Dipi moons over is also listed as a regular in his CV. I hope Dipi doesn’t become Priya 2.0. Spare us the affair and just axe her.

Never liked Jade. Stupid, immature character and highly sus why she returns now given all that Sonya has gone through, especially as she had mended her relationship with Callum & Sonya.

Brad without Lauren. No thanks. Boring, dull.

Sick of Andrea/Dee. It’s too convoluted and too drawn out. No mention of Willow either is disappointing. She should have been Toadie’s daughter and a regular. More so than anything I want closure. Is it Andrea or Dee and can she either be in Toadie’s life or leave him alone. Sick of her coming back just to rattle Toadie’s relationship with Sonya.

Jane returning is great, until you realise it’s only a guest arc and we’re still stuck with the Rebecchi’s.

I actually think the day to day episodes of Neighbours are written fairly well. They desperately need a new storyliner and Jason Herbison needs replacing. Most of his stories haven’t hit the mark in ages and the dribs and drabs of returning cast is annoying. Lucy, Hillary, Clive & Jane all flit in and out when there is enough material to make them a regular and apart from Hilary all want to/can return full time.


Sorry but I don’t know where to find some of these spoilers, so who’s Jade? Also is Brad returning without Lauren? From memory they only left the show because Kip quit and they didn’t want to split up the pair.


Jade is Sonya’s sister. She was a regular character for a couple of years.

I’d say Brad is only back as a guest. Probably visiting his daughter Piper. Kip was touring with The Bodyguard and couldn’t do guest spots before now. It’s only speculation about whether Ned will be a guest or become a regular.

The spoilers have been posted on the NeighboursFans Forum: You have to sign up to view the Spoilers forum.


Has Pippa Black ever returned? She played Pauls daughter, Elle. I always enjoyed her character.


New opening titles.


Bonnie Anderson has joined Neighbours as Beatrix Larsson.


Rob Mills has returned to Neighbours as Finn Kelly.


Cassius Grady is a newbie on Neighbours.


Magda Szubanski (who was on Interview on Seven last night) will play the celebrant at the wedding of Aaron and David.


And here’s the interview with Matt Wislon and Takaya Honda who play Aaron and David.


Credit to Neighbours for having this storyline, but why do the producers and writers insist on being so hypocritical in other areas of the show? David and Aaron being forced to remove their towels therefore baring their backsides to shield Amy while she got dressed - rubbish. And Sheila and Dipi swooning over the new ‘hot’, much younger gardener - who just happens to work without his shirt. Again, absolute rubbish.

If the roles were reversed and Karl and Paul were swooning over an attractive younger woman there would be an uproar. And I can guarantee the producers would never ask a woman to drop her towel and reveal her backside!


Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but with the show’s new PG classification, Aaron and David (in the scene where both of them and Amy had to be evacuated from the beauty parlor and only wearing towels), stripped revealing their bare backsides.

Haven’t seen rear nudity since the very early days, pre all this ACMA code and whenever it came under G guidelines.

Eye candy for all the girls no doubt!


Not just the girls…


There have been many bare bums over the years. Not just the early days. The last one was Kyle Canning only a few years ago.


My point exactly. But why only the guys??


So you’re demanding more nudity?

They had a storyline a while ago, where the girls at uni decided to have a topless protest. There was no frontal nudity but they were actually topless.


Personally, I didn’t find it funny or necessary, but clearly other people like it and I assume it rates.

It’s just hypocritical that it’s acceptable when guys do it but not for women. I am dreading watching Sheila and Dipi drooling over the gardener. Like I said, there would be an uproar if Paul and Karl did that to a younger woman on the show.


There’s clearly still a double standard with this kind of thing, especially in the media. Look at all the Katy Perry unwanted kissing stuff with Idol, that went away in a blink. On Ellen a couple of days ago they had a segment where half-naked stripper men were contestants in a quiz game designed to highlight how dumb they were for the audiences benefit. If either these situations were the other way around, Lionel Ritchie kissing young girls or Ellen making fun on half naked women, there would be completely different response. I’m not saying it’s wrong or I’m offended by it, but it exists, and allows Neighbours to do things like this.


Doesn’t this happen ay miss universe competitions?


but they still have clothes on.