Is the show currently airing in the US on some platform?


I’m fairly sure it’s available on Hulu in the US.


I think Neighbours has been dropped by Hulu.

Meanwhile, Bonnie Anderson revealed on her Instagram yesterday that she would make her Neighbours debut on May 18.


It is likely we might see Neighbours on CBC all Access?


I think maybe it’s got to do with the CBS takeover of Network Ten and Hulu is owned by Fox. It wouldn’t surprising if that’s the reason why they dropped Neighbours. Doesn’t matter. American fans can watch it on YouTube as there are people who record it and then upload it at 2.5x Speed before it gets removed days later.


There are other websites that upload Neighbours and Home & Away episodes every day. I’m reluctant to name them because I’m sure they are illegal since they keep moving to different web addresses every so often.


What’s the deal with Mishti suddenly feeling compelled to spill her guts to Piper about Leo? I think it just highlights how distant Mishti is from other characters including her own family.


Tonight’s epsiode :joy: It’s always Susan that gets lost in the bush, or fatigued, or medical something, or on a plane crash.


Yes, you would think she learnt her lesson after being stuck in the bush with Piper wearing her moon boot!


Thrilled about the new intro, the current intro is the worst one since the cartoon 2005-2007 titles.

Chloe & Leo have chemistry and work very well together, much better than Leo & Mishti

I tuned into the camp episode and had to tune out. Not my thing. I also wonder why they are reluctant to introduce characters for Yashvi to interact with. She’s always interacting with the older teens and it feels forced.

Will remain open minded about Bonnie Anderson joining but would have much rathered an actress without a background in singing. I hate Karl singing and I hated Georgia & Madison singing too.

I thought Jodi Anasta had signed a three year contract so her remaining is not a shock. Though would love her character to take a back seat, it feels like she’s on all the time.

I know home people derided Jane’s storyline but I would love a Jane return and her children in tow.


I dont think it would hurt to have another family introduced later this year


Neither do I as the Willis family is just a shell (I’d also add more Cannings) and the new Rebecchis haven’t taken off. I’d love for Jane’s family to replace the Rebecchis but they’ve been mentioning the absent son a lot lately so I guess he’ll be introduced soon.


There are quite a few returning characters as guests/regulars and a few new regulars coming up in the next few weeks.


JBar is that the list from Neighboursfans?


They’ve listed the confirmed arrivals and returnees but there are also a number of others who are unconfirmed so far.

There are quite a few super sleuths out there who are trawling instagram/facebook posts of castmates, crew and agents’ websites to discover who is coming into the show. It’s amazing how much is discovered by sharing info on forums. Really hard to prevent spoilers leaking these days.


Film Victoria and FremantleMedia are on the lookout for early to mid-career Victorian writers for three placement opportunities on Neighbours. More details can be found here



A lot of hype about the arrival of Bonnie Anderson this week. Sounds like she’ll be a good addition to the cast, but a shame that her arrival means that Elly/Jodi Anasta will be sticking around longer. Such a bland character who seems to be in so many storylines, with little effect.

Would love to see more of Jane. Seeing as her departure was left open for her possible return, I hope they’re planning on bringing her back on a more permanent basis soon.

Had to laugh when Yashvi was calling out for Kirsha when she was lost in the bush. Judging by the camera shots they were only about 10 metres apart yet for some reason couldn’t see each other! And Susan, how can an intelligent woman not know to use the sun when trying to work out directions??


Rumours suggest Annie Jones is already back and filming again.