Amongst others.


How is that relevant?


Yay, we finally get to see Amy with a decent storyline to show how well Zoe can act. About bloody time! Even the young guy who plays Jimmy did well.

Amy/Zoe is such a wasted character and deserves a lot better. They seem to give most of the storylines to Elly/Jodi but as far as I’m concerned Zoe is a much better actor and is being under-utilised.



Not sure if anyone else has realised but it appears Neighbours is now officially rated PG as of tonight’s episode.


Seems tonight’s episode is rated PG in program guides but the classification shown during the show was still G.


No? In the show RPG it was definitely PG.

Also look at TenPlay. Friday’s was G, today’s is PG.


Yes, I see it in the EPG and TV Week.

Seems like they might have stuffed up. It started with G rating on screen but after the commercial break it was PG.


RPG meaning return program guide. After each commercial break it definitely said PG.

It remains to be seen whether this actually makes a difference to the show.


Isn’t the G rating mainly due to the UK timeslot? I imagine in Australia having a PG rating would allow a lot more scope to their storylines.


About time. I guess they got in trouble for that kiss. Anything more than a peck on the lips is PG IMO.

Made no sense to keep the G rating.


This would just be a decision by Ten, wouldn’t it?

Allows content to now exceed “very mild in impact”. Don’t ask me what that means.

More flexibility for producers. We probably will notice subtle changes down the track.


RPG is rocket propelled grenade.

PRG is programme return guide.


Also Role playing game (so I’ve been told).


A new revamp for Neighbours, with new sets and opening titles. Coming May 21st


Mate you only want to see your particular church and viewpoint represented. Don’t add the muslim bit, you don’t give one shit about it.


Sunday Herald Sun reports 2007 Australia’s Got Talent winner and singer Bonnie Anderson is joining Neighbours, while Jodi Anasta has extended her contract with the soap for another year.
Anderson will play the sister of Anasta’s character.


Does that mean Neighbours now shoots their Interior scenes in a Single Camera setup instead of the traditional Multi Camera setup they have been doing for decades? I think Home And Away made the switch when they moved out of Epping to Eveleigh years ago.


Rob Mills (Finn Kelly) is also coming back for a guest stint involving Bea and Elly.


And another spoiler. The role of Liz Conway has been recast and will be played by Debra Lawrance (ex-Pippa Home & Away). Liz is the mother of Elly Conway and Beatrix Nilsson and sister of Susan Kennedy.