We are getting close to mid year now, shouldn’t we be getting more of an idea or airdate, timeslot, channel and some teasers ads by now???
I think the putting too much emphasis on a million media releases that the majority of punters won’t see.

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I tend to agree, a little disappointed I thought that this renewal would completely shake up the cast and in turn storylines for the reboot. Core cast should have retunred, with a completely new cast of chatacters and even some recasting of past characters needed who fans have been calling for.

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There’s quite a few new characters in the show but they’re not releasing those names yet. A fair few actors have been sleuthed out by some fans and have posted them on Neighboursfans forum. A lot of them are actors who have been newly followed on social media by regular cast members.

I tend to agree that Leo and Mackenzie are dead wood and shouldn’t have returned. As for Chloe and Elle, they’re just guests and probably just there to wrap up old storylines and give Chloe a decent exit.


Yes, bringing back Leo, Mackenzie and the Rodwells are mistakes. They’re all dead wood that should’ve stayed with the cancelled series.

Chloe has also run her course, so I’m glad she’s only back in a guest capacity. I wouldn’t mind Elly returning on a regular basis, she was a hot mess that provided a lot of entertainment.

In terms of bringing back the older cast - I wouldn’t want it to be many, as I do agree with others in the sense that this is the best opportunity to really shake things up, but If I could get some back, they would be;

Libby Kennedy - good chance to explore her relationship with Holly
Lyn & Oscar Scully - give Susan her BFF back!
Summer Hoyland - provide Lyn and Oscar with support, and reconnect with Chris
Chris Pappas - The OG gay returns and get his chance to be married with kids
Imogen Willis & Daniel Robinson - buff up Paul and Terese a bit as they’re very much ‘on their own’

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It seemed that the producers didn’t know what to do with the character of Mackenzie. It wasn’t until they paired her up with Hendrix that she actually had a decent storyline, rather than the silly ones that saw her working for the council giving out health violations etc. Hopefully now that Mac is older she’ll be given some stronger storylines. Georgie Stone proved she was up to it the way she portrayed Mackenzie during Hendrix’s illness and death.

Re Leo, I’ve never been a fan but I liked that they brought in the winery. It seems the winery is still being used, so presumably Leo is still running it.

I wasn’t a fan of bringing back Elly to give Chloe a partner. As I’ve said before I would’ve liked Chloe to be portrayed as a career woman and have her promoted to work at Lassiters in NY. I know the show wanted to wrap up all the storylines but not everyone has to be paired up to be happy.


I’d like to see Joe Scully back too. Hopefully the producers can resolve their differences with Shane Connor.

Or just recast with a new actor

I don’t think she will ever come back in any role I’m surprised they let her come back in thr “finale”. Given the way she and Fremantle Media left things.

And honestly Libby as a character is dead meat.

Will never happen. HR nightmare waiting to happen.

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Yeah wouldn’t hold my breathe for either a Shane or.a Kym , the show has moved on from those characters.