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For some reason I’d never actually heard the whole theme music. Holy crap that is good stuff, especially that closer :o


Well, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that the composer posted the current NBN News theme in it’s clean and full glory on YouTube:

…and of course, there’s also been a dance remix of the NBN News theme:


I watched these a few minutes ago, so damn good. Certainly one of my favourites along with T.E.N theme


Here is an imgur album with caps of the various titlecards:


I don’t get the love for that theme music, sounds like something better left in the 80s.
And why does NZ get a mention on the weather?


I agree re NBN news theme music… I’ve never really liked any of the versions.

To this day I still don’t get (and have wondered this ever since aggregation pretty much) WHY NBN refuses to use the network theme.

Anyway that is bound to change when the rebranding has been fully completed later this year.

Lately at the end of the 6pm bulletin, they’ve been referring to their next news bulletin as being during the ‘Today’ show from 5:30am

They either fail to realise or conveniently forget that they air the 5am Nine Early News bulletins.

Just yet another sign I guess that NBN News does not want to be seen as part of the network, despite the heavy reliance on network content.


What various titlecards? I went there thinking it was some sort of museum of NBN News titlecards over the years and it just seems to be random screenshots of the new opener and new segment openers.


Don’t think NBN makes their bulletins available online so here it is. From the other night


That’s a first!

I will have to go and have a look.

Wonder if they do it for all 6 regions.


Tonight was something I hadn’t seen before…

The Central Coast window was cut short because the Newcastle window finished early!

There was no ‘Coming Up’ segment, it went from mid-sentence during the last report (which was a Newcastle item anyway) straight to an ad.


Looking at that hour long broadcast in the youtube link above, I can’t tell where the local window begins and ends?

There is Newcastle like news items through much of the bulletin - I can’t work where the local bulletin begins and ends.

Is it a whole segment (commercial break to commercial break) of what time code is the local window on the above youtube link?

Watching again, it seems from the open to the first commercial break (about 11 minutes) is the local window - in this case Newcastle/Central Coast? Apart from one story on a car crashing Grafton (northern NSW) and one national story - the other 5-6 stories were all Newcastle. With suburb names like Hamilton, San Remo and Kooragang popping up on screen.

So is in the first 11 minutes of the NBN news that are the local windows?


windows can pop up anywhere. You just have to watch the news - it’s a mish-mash.


The local window for news usually starts after the 1st or 2nd report in the first block.

There is usually a bit of a pause at the end of a report for Newcastle viewers to allow for the local windows to kick in…

I often watch the Newcastle and Central Coast windows “side by side” (using Picture in Picture mode on the telly). I can always tell then when the local news windows start.

Its quite interesting doing that, as some Newcastle items will appear in the Central Coast window (but not vice versa). And you get some North Coast and Tamworth news too.


Montage of Thursday night


The 5.40pm News Update is a voice over only one:

Other news updates

Weather update


when will nbn have a live stream like nine and seven news do


Some good reporting from Sally Rafferty and Mike Lorigan tonight about the car/train crash.


If they have a LIVE truck (I’m guessing just one in Newcastle) they really should use it and have it out every single night - maybe try and get two stories or two crosses out of it. Otherwise that is expensive technology sitting there doing nothing.
Ideally they should have another one based in a central location like Coffs Harbour that they can drive to whatever location warrants for the 6pm news daily.


they often have Gavin Morris up at the Anzac Memorial lookout do his 6.30 weather cross before racing back to the studio for 6.55


Watermark has changed but still animates to .com.au. No dots to edge of screen.