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Cross to NBN reporter Amelia Bernasconi on Weekend Today this morning:



Amelia is also finishing up today at their Tamworth bureau.



Aww, no dots on the NBN?

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I’m surprised that they would even put NBN on the super.

Goes to show how stuffed the branding is when network HQ doesn’t even know it is called
ie. It’s supposed to be only either “Nine” or “NBN News” from what I’ve seen, not just “NBN”.



I would’ve expected “Nine NBN Reporter” using it in a similar fashion to a location name like “Nine Adelaide”.

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When Gavin is on 9 News Now they label him as “NBN Presenter”



Amelia Bernasconi is now at the ABC in Gippsland.



…and it seems like Bella Evans will be taking her spot.

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Peter Overton voiced promo airing multiple times today - “it’s the Sydney school speed zones where police are catching drivers out… see it tonight on NBN News at 6”

Yeah thanks Pete, totally relevant to me in Diamond Beach, 305km away.



True, though NBN have aired Sydney specific transport reports on things like changes to tolls on the Harbour Bridge numerous times before



If it was a story about school speed zones in Newcastle about 165km away from you, would that have been relevant or not?



NBN are just as guilty, if not even more so, of airing Newcastle news across their entire broadcast area too as they are in airing Sydney news.

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It all comes down to how the report is presented. If it’s about informing the community to be careful in that particular school speed zone, it would also be irrelevant to half their Sydney audience. If it’s about reminding drivers that school’s back and school zones apply again, then it’s relevant to the whole state.

That’s potentially more relevant to people from Newcastle who commute to Sydney than some people in Sydney who could rarely travel on the bridge.

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Possibly more so with Central Coast commuters, but I defy anyone to try and DRIVE from the Central Coast or Newcastle to Sydney and back across the Bridge or via the Tunnel on a regular basis (even if not everyday).

Still totally irrelevant for anyone north of Newcastle though, which is the problem with these composite local and national bulletins like NBN and Nine regionals do. You can’t be all things to all people.

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My complaint is more that the station is wasting promo resources and air time promoting this story, rather than another program or their own local news promos - which is more relevant to its viewership.




“I’ve got nothing left, the bank is foreclosing on my property. I’m the first person to be foreclosed on in a contaminated zone in the country. They tried to say there’s no health effects and that’s garbage, the science has been in since the 1980s." - Anita Bugges, former Salt Ash resident.

Anita Bugges is just one of many people living a nightmare on contaminated land around RAAF Base Williamtown. Her story, and the stories of many others living in the so-called Red Zone, is the subject of an NBN News documentary ‘SOS Red Zone’, airing on Sunday January 10 at 5.30pm on Nine Northern NSW.

Now a national issue, the contamination involving toxic fire-fighting chemicals leaking from the Williamtown RAAF base came to public light in 2015, but was known to be a serious problem in 2012 and possibly earlier.

Many residents, some who purchased in the area after the problem was known by Defence but before it was made public, have had their lives turned upside down. Many are trapped, unable to move or sell their seriously devalued homes. There’s also anxiety about health concerns related to the chemicals.

‘SOS Red Zone’ conveys the reality for many, of life in the affected area, in their own words. Some of the stories present the confronting day to day existence that residents are being forced to endure through no fault of their own.

This NBN News documentary was produced over four months by veteran cameraman David Threlfo and aims to help tell the inside story of life in the Red Zone in what is fast becoming a national and global issue, given the widespread Australian and international use of the fire-fighting chemicals at the heart of the Williamtown contamination.

SOS Red Zone will be telecast nationally on Sunday February 10.



dual branding is so stupid.

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I agree, although I suspect it might take something like TCN agreeing to use NBN’s reporters more regularly for their statewide news coverage of Northern NSW news (particularly during Sydney’s 6pm bulletin) for the regional broadcaster to be fully on board with NEC’s branding philosophy for news.

As for the SOS Red Zone documentary itself, it’s good to see this type of thing still being produced by a regional news organisation in 2019! :thumbsup:



Yes they just need to ditch the legacy NBN News brand; it’s Nine the other 23 hours a day, so (if anyone from Nine Northern NSW were reading): Let it go already. The Nine brand will be OK. :wink:

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As Nine owns NBN, they can make NBN do whatever they want them to.

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