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Though I have to say that NBN doesn’t use OTS graphics as much these days - either on the big screen or as a smaller one in the traditional OTS style.


Whoops, Sydney crew editing the report might’ve overlooked on their video maker and rendered the error part before is sent to Newcastle.


I always thought that editing was done in Newcastle.

As NBN don’t get edited sign offs for every reporter… There pretty much aren’t any for any of the Victorian reports, and only a few of the Queensland ones.



I saw that tonight too, it was part of the “Australia’s Best News” promo that Nine has been airing in Sydney (and no doubt nationally).

I have seen both promos and the other interesting thing is NBN presenters do not appear on screen at all (but Peter Overton appears in the Sydney version). But Peter’s voice can be heard introing a story.

It definitely looked weird seeing both the NBN News logo and the Nine logo on screen at the same time though!


Been running in NNSW for 2 weeks. It’s strange isn’t it!


the mid-north coast feed just got the Nine Sydney version of that promo, complete with Peter Overton and the 9NEWS logo. Not sure about other areas and what they received.


Played the Sydney version again this morning during Today


Does NBN not have access to Eurosport for footage?

Looks like the footage they used came from a dodgy Youtube upload from someone holding their camera phone to video the tv screen. lol


The Sydney version of the Australia’s Best News is on high rotation in NNSW. Must be really irking the Newcastle presenters.


The 9 News brand is quite prominent in the daytime (no cover ups except at 4pm), so it’s not totally irrelevant.

Perhaps this is in preparation for a rebrand maybe later this year, so local viewers get more used to the idea of the 9 News brand?


It’s to my understanding that a coverup is also used on the weekend Nine News: First At Five bulletins…or at least that was the case I managed to catch a bit of NBN Nine Central Coast in November.


Gavin made mention last night that they made new thermoscales yesterday for NBN News and 9 News regional weather graphics so the heatmap could go up to 50 degrees.

They looked nice.


Last night’s bulletin had a live cross from Tamworth (rare to have one outside Newcastle?):


We got the first 10 seconds of 9 News tonight before a quick vision switch.


Yes, it is rare-ish, but they have started to do a few more live crosses outside of Newcastle in the last year or so, which is good to see.


Here is the video, straight out of the tennis it goes to Nine News Sydney. Then you can see it switch back to Newcastle.

Did the scheduling system fail to trigger the vision mixer or matrix maybe?

(LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3vknkUvKniz00vem3JsbqOJBULZA_oQ/view?usp=sharing)


Thanks for that!

Visually you can’t tell that there was an issue at all (apart from the 9 News Sydney title card). The change in audio would have been the giveaway of course.


Sadly, Paul and Natasha will be back the week after next - it’s been great watching Jane Goldsmith. She has a bit of personality that shines through at the appropriate times. They could do worse than keep her and put Natasha on weekends, moving Paul off altogether.


I agree that Jane Goldsmith should be the lead presenter of NBN News, if not a bulletin in a major metropolitan market. But if she prefers her current position due to her young family, then fair enough! :slight_smile: