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Their news bulletins had been branded with Nine branding for years, pre-dating even when Bond owned the whole network in the late 80s.


But Nine Adelaide & Perth have always used VHF-9 on analogue/LCN-9 on Digital TV in the same way as the others, right?

By contrast, I don’t think any NBN stations were on VHF-9 in the analogue era (not sure if there’s any who have their digital multiplex on VHF-9 though) and of course, it’s LCN-8 via digital TV. Although somehow I wouldn’t be overly surprised if there are a few oldies in Newcastle who still refer to NBN as “Channel 3” even though the VHF-3 analogue signal has been switched off for over six years now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, NBN have never used VHF 9 for anything… Closest they’ve come is VHF 10 analogue in the Upper Hunter and VHF 11 Armidale North and VHF 12 Middle Brother (both digital).

And yes, no doubt there are Novocastrians who still call it Channel 3, despite being on LCN 8 (as they like to remind their Central Coast viewers on their radio ads).


I just find it dumb that you have a network promo, voiced by Pete Overton, without ANY sort of localism to it, and refer to NBN NEWS and then at the end have “Australia’s Best News” with the 9 logo. Mixed messaging never works.


Their bulletin has been like that for years.

Reporters with references to “Nine News can reveal…” and holding Nine mic flags when on screen and then a dubbed over “NBN News” reporter sign off.

It’s quite possibly the dumbest thing on Australian TV news today.


Absolutely. And then the anchor starts with “and NBN News can reveal the Premier took a fart”… into story. 5 seconds later “but Nine News understands the Premier dropped one whilst discussing air quality…”

Just stupid


NBN News making the news tonight - one of their crews was involved in a head-on crash today with a NSWRFS car.
Ironically, it seems the same NBN crew earlier covered a crash that was the lead story on tonight’s Nine News Sydney.


“Regional news crew” according to Nine:


Firstly, hopefully everyone’s OK after the crash.

On a coverage note, why couldn’t Nine News Sydney acknowledge that NBN was “our sister station” or words to that effect? :confused:


Why would they want to admit that?


Maybe it’s just me, but I personally thought it would’ve been the right thing to do…


Given NBN News rarely even acknowledges Nine…


Well at least Seven News at 5 mentioned NBN.


Anyone got a clip of the Seven News report? I’d bet someone at Seven took some sick delight at pointing fingers at their rivals…


Seven News at 6 said “local news crew”:

This is the chopper footage:


and NBN News:


Goodness, even the NBN version didn’t give justice. (Of course, it’s a repack from Sydney.)


Montage from Thursday:


NBN News aired the prerecorded “Chris O’Keeffe, NBN News” sign off at the START and end of his report tonight on new trains for Sydney.


Nice to see them using OTS on the big screen. Good quality ones too.

For comparison, here’s Adelaide’s for the yacht story:

And NBN’s posted by @Abesty: