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…or maybe NBN’s new general manager actually quite liked Laurence Schuberth’s theme music?

I wonder how long it will be until we see some Nine News-style promos from NBN.


Maybe this theme is easier with the length of time outs they sometimes need to get all local Windows into the commercial breaks. They can sometimes be 30-45 seconds or more in Windows outside of Newcastle.



While the opener looks like a generic nine news opener, the 9NBN news room looks more professional than most of the newsrooms in the nine network Australia wide.

I reckon the newsrooms in the other stations in the nine network should look like the 9NBN newsroom. They could blend the live shot of the city with a more 9NBN look of the newsrooms.


Why is a Melbourne murder headlining a Newcastle news bulletin?


As much as I strongly disagree with that murder story being the first headlines, the 9NBN news room is more similar in line with nine Darwin news with the difference being that Newcastle and northern NSW news are inserted instead.


Logo animation on the titlecard is a bit choppy (although that can be said about most of NBN’s implementation of the Nine-style graphics), but apart from that it seems OK.

The On-Air Presentation of NBN News has looked worse in previous years. This era of supers and OTS graphics comes to mind:


because the story was breaking and really, a national news event. The mother being charged added an impetus to it.


I don’t have much experience with NBN, but I must say I REALLY liked that NBN News Opener in that video.
It seems very professional and looks like a quality news service that people would enjoy watching.

I’d love to see 7 Local News here in Queensland move to a style like this (national and international with local windows) rather than the current format of a chopped up Brisbane bulletin at 6:30.


I’m sure that permanent residents of NBN-land have a completely different opinion but from what I’ve seen of NBN News during my various trips up North over several years, it’s a decent enough news service and probably one that viewers shouldn’t take for granted. Maybe there’s a bit less time to cover local stories compared to the likes of Prime7, WIN and Seven Queensland (although the fact that those regional networks often rely on filler items from other regions these days tend to even it out a bit, does it not?), but through the course of an hour you usually get the most important and relevant news of the day from NBN News.

Of course if you were to ask me to compare NBN News with Nine News Sydney, the latter is by far and away superior but is that really a fair comparison?



As far as regional news goes NBN News is probably one of the best regional news services in Australia. It’s a bit hard to compare NBN News to Nine News Sydney as they cater to different audiences and obviously have different budgets etc…

As someone who was born and grew up in Newcastle and now lives and works (in the TV industry) in Sydney I always enjoy watching NBN News (when I go home and visit my parents) because you get a good mixture of everything. I sometimes wish I could watch NBN News in Sydney instead of the cold metro bulletin that is Nine News Sydney. There’s just something good and warm-hearted about NBN News. :slight_smile:


I saw the new opener tonight, and my first impressions were that the theme music works a bit better with the network style opener than I thought it would.

Not sure if that impression will last though!


Can you really adopt local imagery in a news bulletin that has such a unique format/structure without looking weird and inconsistent?

Unlike Sydney or Melbourne where most if not all viewers can identify with their city skyline so it makes sense for Seven or Nine to use a primary backdrop of the city in those markets, the NBN licence area is very diverse ranging from coastal holiday spots to inland towns in the bush. To use the most extreme example, how can you get a single image that viewers in both Tamworth and the Gold Coast can identify with?

Yea, it’s really not that hard. Whilst you can not work in an image of every single city and town and landscape in the NBN Broadcast area - you could represent the area nicely and give almost all viewers an image to identify with by doing a Newcastle skyline, Gold Coast skyline, coastal beach image and inland image. Maybe one more. It’s really not hard to fuse that together into an opener or imagery on the set in video walls, backdrops and plasmas.

Take a look at this opener and set - representing the entire state of Queensland

ABC News Queensland

These kind of awesome mocks from MattB and Moe give you an idea. They could easily cycle through a few images, adapting the 9 News opener and making just a little longer. Ending on a very generic image like the below - that does feel somewhat to represent the broadcast area.

It would be really awesome, if NBN pre-recorded the opens for the 5 regions (Newcastle live) allowing for totally localized image, a title card “9 News Northern Rivers” “9 News North West” etc - and also allowing for a local story or two to go in the headlines opener.


News Updates

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Weather Watch still uses old titlecard


I can report that tonight’s episode of NBN News was NOT a repeat!


Do you mean a weather segment outside of the 6pm bulletin?

Below is from just before the weather report at around 6.55 tonight


As you may or may not be aware, “Weather Watch” is the Northern NSW/Gold Coast-wide NBN News Weather Update that typically airs as the first thing during the 4.35-4.40pm (or thereabouts) ad break of Nine’s Afternoon News! :wink:


Those pictures looks much better. It would put 9NBN news in line with 9 news from other stations owned by the nine network


Ah thanks. I don’t usually get to see much weekday afternoon telly…