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What do the promos look like and how many of them are there?


This screencap sums up the ridiculousness of the current branding situation for news at NBN/Nine in Northern NSW in a nutshell:

Of course, one also must question whether having both Nine News Sydney & NBN Central Coast covering the same story (I’d imagine both stations did a fairly similar report on the Usain Bolt/Mariners thing) is a particularly efficient use of resources.

Don’t even get me started on how NBN News seems to have at least two different versions of their logo in use right now…


Considering the NBN is hell of a lot clearer than the Nine flag, I know which brand I’d prefer.


I only saw one on the Central Coast - it has EXPERIENCED, TRUSTED, LOCAL and fades out to reporters and stories.

It looks nice.


Gavin will be jumping!


A rarity on NBN News tonight.

The Central Coast local news window was wholly local, helped by a 2 minute report from Sydney reporter Zara James on the manslaughter charge against a Central Coast tattoo artist.

Normally NBN puts Nine News reports relating to something occurring within its viewing area into the generic bulletin.

Skaie Hull did 2 reports and Sarah El-Mosehli did a 3rd.


One thing I am noticing more of on NBN News is the lack of OTS graphics for reports.

A lot of the time these days the camera is centred on the presenter with just the blue swirl background.

This is for the generic bulletin, the prerecorded local windows have never had them (though the live Newcastle window usually did).


New promos:


I like the graphics and especially how the NBN News signature tune has been subtly woven into the music! :slight_smile:



From Port Macquarie Kempsey, further evidence that NBN News needs to invest in new mic flags:

On a somewhat unrelated side note, I’d imagine that both NBN’s Jessica Nagel and Prime7’s Samantha Crowe (who sharp observers would’ve noticed in the far right of this cap) were very happy to have made cameo appearances in a Sydney/NSW-wide bulletin this afternoon! :wink:

Nine News Content and Appearance

Jessica Nagel filed the 2nd report in the NBN wide bulletin on that Kempsey prison officer tonight. Sam Bunbury did the lead story on a roadside death in the Lake Macquarie area.

After that, major local window problems emerged again. We got

  • NBN News title card for 2 seconds.
  • Black screen for 30 seconds with NBN News watermark.
  • The following internal graphic for about 30 seconds.
  • 10 seconds of the Newcastle news
  • Finally crashed halfway into the first local news report.
  • Crashed into the first ad break about halfway through what was probably the last report.


Newcastle news had a problem just before the first break. It seems like they went to break 10 seconds too early. The coming up graphics and clips were playing for quite a few seconds after the music stopped, and then the NBN News title card came up for 1 second before fading to black and starting the ads.


That often happens with the prerecorded local windows.


Not NBN news related but close enough - NBN only local content https://www.facebook.com/153059584741074/posts/1821848754528807/


The strange thing is though, this wasn’t a prerecorded local window.


Oh dear, for a town in NBN’s heritage area that is only 1 hour from Newcastle, I thought NBN would have the correct spelling here. Both words are spelt wrong.


LOL… the “y” people, the “y”


An interesting graphic over Gavin’s shoulder during the weather preview :slight_smile:


the Stop and Check? Almost every night you’ll see that.