NBN News


Yes, ah ok, thanks, I hadn’t noticed that before.


Obviously confused with Wangi Wangi.


And Kurri Kurri.
Both town names which end in I instead of Y.


Using the Nine logo in the News to advertise NRL matches:


Probably because they didn’t get time to cover it up.

Even when the Nine logo appears, it is rarely referred to by the presenters as Nine.

They usually say something like “Coverage starts next Friday Night from 7pm”.


The lead story on NBN News tonight across Northern NSW was a full report on the verdict of a court case involving a Newcastle doctor that had been running for 9 months, followed by a “look back” at the case.

Nine Sydney didn’t cover the story until about 6:29.

I thought that was an Interesting relative placement of the item in each bulletin, also given NBN is a Northern NSW bulletin with local windows, not just Newcastle.

Central Coast viewers didn’t get any local news tonight, but that didn’t appear to be related to any technicial fault.


I noticed they referred to Amelia Adams as “the networks’ Europe Correspondent” to avoid mentioning Nine.


Yes, they do that all the time.

It’s not often they refer to the Nine brand, it’s still usually “the network”.


A few NBN Newcastle montages from the last week:

In the Monday night bulletin, the break play out graphic was accidently brought up over the set wide shot after the titlecard:

Other caps from that bulletin:




Quick comparison of NBN News & Nine Local News SNSW weather graphics:


NBN did a whole of Northern NSW and Gold Coast weather report tonight.

Though somewhat oddly they said something like “your local weather reports will return tomorrow night, due to tonight’s shortened bulletin”.

30 min bulletins never stopped NBN from doing local weather on weekend bulletins in previous years, so I’m not sure why they’re using that as an excuse now.


Budget cuts, maybe?

Wonder if they still had local news/sports windows or if it was a Northern NSW/Gold Coast-wide bulletin.


Yeah I don’t know, I only quickly flicked over then.
I would be surprised if there weren’t local news and sport windows.

I did wonder for a minute if they might take Nine News tonight because it was so early.


NBN News advertisment in theIntouch magazine:


NBN News has updated to the Nine News opener graphics, the animated graphics and updated the NBN News.com.au watermark.

All still in SD though.


I wonder if the graphics equipment previously used in Darwin (which had the current version of the Nine News supers, etc before production/presentation shifted to Brisbane in September 2017) has been shipped down to Newcastle for those updated graphics to be made possible?


Yes, here’s a couple of basic caps

Doesn’t look as sharp as Sydney’s

“Exclusive” cover up bug in the last graphic still uses the old style graphics.
Go figure.

Still the same dreary old theme music though.


Hopefully that gets updated soon, if only for the inconsistent-looking logo!

I know it’s really a minor thing to complain about in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t really like how NBN News seems to have had two different styles of logo (the “Nine-style” one and their own version) in recent years - pick one and stick to it!

I actually like NBN News’ current theme music and think Nine should get Laurence to compose an update to their iconic “Cool Hand Luke” derived theme in that style, but with NBN’s rather repetitive use of the same parts (there’s portions around the middle which sound so great, but is rarely/never heard during bulletins) I can understand how it may get a bit tiring after a while.


I wish somebody recorded tonight’s update, and give us a montage of it. Just to know what it’s worth.


They should just use Nine’s theme music.

They already use the same graphics as Nine, so it makes sense to be consistent and do the same for the music package. And it would also then be consistent with the daytime bulletins.