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Yeah. Apparently nothing happens on a Sunday. Not even a juicy murder or armed robbery :open_mouth:


Sports window. Also devoid of Gold Coast stories.

Rugby Union (ex-Lismore), some Coffs sport (ex-Coffs Harbour), Newcastle sportsman overseas #1 (ex-Newcastle) and Newcastle sportsman overseas #2 (ex-Newcastle).

Seriously, what’s the point of airing this bulletin if there’s limited to none “local” stories?


They just don’t want to or can’t air Nine News Sydney.


Back down on the Mid North Coast on the way home, and saw 4 local reports from 4 reporters tonight.

Jessica Nagel (William Tyrrell story at Kendall)
Sarah Jane Bell (Grafton political candidate story)
Lara Coffey (Forster fishing co-op story)
Glen Palmer (Coffs Harbour Jetty sculpture story)

But wait there’s more! Jessica did a LIVE cross to all NBN viewers from Kendall after they aired the Damian Ryan report, in which an NBN van could be seen in the footage.First time I’ve seen them do one from somewhere other than Newcastle or the Gold Coast.

But NBN aired the Donald Trump Kim Jong-un story in between the two Kendall stories (for the Mid North Coast viewers), with Paul Lobb stating after the Damian Ryan report that"we’ll have more for our Mid North Coast viewers shortly".

Prime7 & GWN7 Local News

Lara Coffey is the new Taree reporter for NBN News. Charmaine Mifsud filed her final report for NBN News Taree last Friday and has moved (or is moving) to Mackay for a sports reporter position with Seven News up there.

I’m not sure if Glen Palmer has been brought in because one of NBN’s Coffs Harbour reporters has left though.


Gavin Morris was on the Super Radio Network this afternoon announcing that he would be holidays until July (off to China). Will be interesting to see who does the weather in his absence.


I just got back home in Sydney after a long drive & just saw your post.

I happened to have watched the above bulletin on Wednesday night whilst in Coffs Harbour & I believe that NBN’s local news coverage in the Mid North Coast is just about as good as Prime7’s (which I also watched during my stay). I can do a comparison on the relevant thread for that particular night.


Pretty big local news story unfolds this afternoon, heaps of people will be watching NBN News here in Newy and they go to 9 News Sydney for the first 20 seconds before someone figured it out and hit local playout.



Oh my. Though we don’t see that often from NBN…

I’m down in Sydney tonight… what’s the big news? Is it the arrest of a person in relation to the sexual assualt of the young girl at Adamstown Heights?




NBN has slightly refined its watermark during national bulletins - the NBNNews.com.au is smaller to align with Nine’s “Live” graphic when it appears and also now shows the static Australia image and the swirls that the animated Nine graphic uses. It still has the “EVERY NIGHT AT SIX” in red as well.

Nine (NBN)

This half-half of branding is getting ridiculous. Nine’s O&O metro bulletins and their non-O&O regional bulletins are all using the standard graphics package introduced close to two years ago. By the time NBN gets around to using the current package and rebranding to Nine News, it’ll probably have changed again.

Still disappointing that NBN didn’t get one of the old Adelaide or Perth sets. Though Perth was the better of the two, Adelaide’s was closer.


What was significantly different about the old Adelaide/Perth sets? I seem to recall them being a slightly cheaper looking version of the sets previously used by Nine News in the East Coast markets, with the later addition of a videowall and one or two other tweaks.


The original Perth set was a fairly faithful replica of the east coast sets. Adelaide’s came earlier in 2011, but was more of a knock-off. In this time, the Perth set was easily superior.

When the sets were refit in 2014, it made them much lighter, brighter and more modern than the original faux timber. When they adopted the updated graphics package in 2016, it worked brilliantly with their sets, mainly with the afternoon news exchange backdrop and on the video wall.

The best I can find of the Perth set is here. See 3:05 and the very end for a good wide shot.

Adelaide Afternoon News and Video Wall + Weather + Closer


Would the cost of freight have anything to do with it? Easier to transport up the F3/M1/whatever they’ve called it this week rather than fly or ship or truck it across the Nullabor.


Didn’t the NBN set come from Brisbane and not Sydney?

Still, cheaper for freight from anywhere else but Sydney.


Maybe you’re thinking of the MD/CEO. :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t someone from here say it was TCN’s desk?


Yes. The old Sydney set was used in Brisbane while they were building the new studio/set and they sent the old Brisbane set down to Newcastle. Can’t remember which desk ended up where.

The cost of trucking things around would be virtually negligible to Nine.


Someone who hasn’t been at NBN (or Nine) for very long is doing their supers tonight.


Natasha Beyersdorf and Sam Djodan hosting Stars of Newcastle
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VrlNGykOC8
Backup Link: https://livestream.com/BLive/STARSofNEWCASTLE

Paul Lobb Blooper from 2002 NBN Telethon, you need to join the group to watch it