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Up in Coffs Harbour tonight, and in the local news window there were 3 reports from 3 different reporters, and 3 voice over items, all of which were local to the Mid North Coast.

And another 2 local reports in the sport window, with a 4th reporter appearing there.

Which was good to see.


I saw the NBN Gold Coast local news tonight, and they used a “First on NBN” cover up on a Nine Gold Coast News report that aired on that bulletin 30 minutes earlier… NBN are obviously hoping that viewers don’t notice this, despite the 9 News branded microphones. Or they just don’t care anyway.


Maybe the latter. Since Nine won the bidding battle for NBN mid-2000, the local Gold Coast bureau was merged with those at the Nine Gold Coast newsroom.


RICHO - Do you mean NBN News or Nine News Now??



Checking first, but NBN broadcasts two bulletins in the Richmond/Tweed area, correct? A GC bulletin and an “everyone else” bulletin for Northern Rivers.

Would it at all be possible for NBN to replace the Richmond/Tweed bulletin with a simulcast of the GC and Brisbane bulletins in the Queensland section only, while the rest of Richmond/Tweed receives the regular local NBN bulletin as normal, but without any GC content?

Second question would be: do GC residents prefer QTQ or NBN for news? And how attached are they to nearby areas in NNSW versus Brisbane and Queensland?


The same “base” bulletin is aired across all of Northern NSW and the Gold Coast, but viewers in the Northern Rivers and GC each get different prerecorded “windows” for local news, sport and weather.

It would be possible Nine GC News and the Brisbane news to be simulcast, but QTQ wouldn’t want to share, and NBN have always preferred their own product, even back in the 90s and early 00s when they just aired the Northern Rivers bulletin on the Gold Coast with the odd Tweed items here and there being the only thing local about it.

I think local viewers prefer Nine GC News in vast numbers up here. I doubt NBN gets much of a look in at all.


With Tasmania’s Southern Cross News (a regional TV news brand which was probably once thought to be just as “sacred” as NBN’s) being rebadged as Seven News from July 1, again the question has to be asked…will NBN News ever be rebranded as Nine News?

Again, I’m not strongly bothered by it either way - if anything I like seeing news branding that’s a bit different to the standardized network stuff I’m watching in Sydney for about 11 months of the year. But if Nine wants a consistent brand for the 6pm news right up and down the East Coast, surely it’d be wise for them to eventually bridge that major gap between just North of the Central Coast and just South of the Gold Coast?

Although outside of news, I think some special QTQ programing may get shown on NBN Gold Coast over TCN/NSW-based content these days - the “Christmas in Brisbane” special is one that comes to mind.

It’s also to my understanding that NBN Gold Coast runs regular programing from QTQ instead of the Gold Telethon from TCN every 2nd Monday in June, but oddly enough I think regular programing may have still been shown on NBN Gold Coast instead of QTQ’s Telethon last November even though Paul & Tash were on the phones for that one!


Having local Gold Coast windows in NBN News is probably a slightly better option than having Nine News Sydney air at 6pm on the Gold Coast, but that’s about all you can say really.


I think that will definitely happen one day, it’s only a matter of time.


It should’ve happened last year, when the Nine News Regional bulletins were launched and NBN got a new set. It’s OWNED by Nine, and the Nine affiliate has a more uniform brand.


I’d love it to stay NBN News. But you are kind of right, in terms of I don’t want it to happen, it should have happened ages ago, if they were idiotic enough to do it.

If it wasn’t for the shambles that is the National Broadband Network, there could have been ways to properly use the NBN brand, or indeed, any of the regional brands, at least one where most people get their news from. Properly branded apps, websites, social media accounts, and so on. But no. We name our networks by metro channel numbers. Which do not correspond to the channels people actually tune in to, and won’t take action to fix.

When the Australian television industry dies in the arse, I will not be commiserating that much. They brought it on themselves.


GEM is playing a movie tonight (5:04pm to 7:10pm) then all of a sudden at 6pm NBN News aired on the channel (as seen in Newcastle)

Then about 6:25pm it went back to the movie!

Why did that happen??

A few elderly people I know who was watching the movie asked me why it happened. They missed over 25 minutes of their movie.


NBN Gold Coast weather tonight: “it’s going to be a cool and cloudy long weekend”. Except NBN hasn’t worked out that it’s not a long weekend up here.

Also oddly, NBN didn’t do a Newcastle Knights NRL.score update at the end of the bulletin tonight like they usually do (as they were playing the Roosters at the time).


LOL at the major playout fail which brought about 25 minutes of NBN News to 9Gem!

Also from what I can tell (via online/social media posts), Kate Haberfield presented tonight’s news. Jane must be having the long weekend off! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the Newcastle-based regional station hasn’t been entirely mindful of their presence on the Gold Coast/Queensland if previous posts by @meteoritetv are anything to go by.


Yes, Kate Haberfield presented tonight.


Yet another problem with the NNSW stations broadcasting into the Gold Coast region.

Is the Shepparton/Albury broadcast coverage problematic in these ways? Or does it actually work?


Very little problems up there. Albury and Wodonga are very integrated, so the state differences are well known and accepted in those towns, so any local content handles it well.

As for the Vic state feed - it’s no secret that it comes from Melbourne, and Albury is really the only place in NSW who receives it so same as above, everyone accepts it.

Public holidays in one state are still relevant, because lots of people travel across the border for work or shopping, so when there’s a public holiday in just one state, it’s quieter in the other state that’s still at work.


That’s a pretty good arrangement they’ve got going


Tonight’s Gold Coast window. A journey around Northern NSW:

A story from Lennox Head (ex- Lismore), Bellingen Festival (ex- Coffs Harbour), Port Macquarie Koala Festival (ex- Port Macquarie) and Lake Keepit busy for Long Weekend (ex-Tamworth)

Beats the Tamworth charity story that ran in BOTH the News and Weather segments yesterday I guess!


So nothing at all from the GC then…