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Maybe they were trying to get him to move to Sydney to do it from there?


Gavin hates Sydney and has often used the Tanya and Steve show on KO FM to take a swipe at Sydney and the bosses at Nine - including how they handle news from the region - “oh, we’ll send the chopper up, take a look at the damage” was one famous line after the 2015 superstorm.

It’s well-known his dislike of Sydney



Wow they actually look like they have a decent size studio. Also what is that thing located in front of the news desk (looks like it’s on wheels). And I’m guessing the thing next to Gavin is a monitor so he can see where he is pointing etc on the green screen?


On weeknights, there’s a combined weather segment for Newcastle & the Central Coast. Also, the NSW North Coast forecast on weeknights is the same one from Forster to Tweed Heads. For whatever reason, it’s the weekend forecasts on NBN that are more localised.

So there’ll probably be something like seven pre-recorded forecasts and the Newcastle/Central Coast one done live. Graphics wise is going to be interesting, surely they’re not going to go to the trouble of having two separate styles of weather graphics (Nine style for Southern NSW/ACT and NBN style for Northern NSW/Gold Coast)? I know that WeatherStapeXT would be capable of both, but…


The new Nine News set would look nice in that space. Hopefully plans are underway.


Yeah, not sure why that is. Never used to be the case.


Unlikely when they are said to be moving premises some time this year. At the new location though, hopefully they have enough space for a set like the new metrop ones.


Better view?



I’m guessing it’s a monitor too perhaps? Sorry I don’t really know what it is. Lol, it looks like old technology of some sort.


Looks like two monitors.


Looking at that pic and the pic I described just before, I think you might be right


BEHIND THE SCENES: We’re sure someone’s listening to you Gav! There’s always plenty happening in the studio as we go to air!


Video of NBN crossing to a LIVE helicopter feed tonight;


I was wondering the same thing here.
I’d assume they’ll update the NBN bulletin to the Nine style weather graphics, because I highly doubt they’d use the NBN style on the new Nine News Regional bulletins.


That same clip was posted on NBN Television’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nbntelevision/videos/vb.206757268330/10155040205938331/


Pie Warmers mate, every studio should have them! :slight_smile:


Sweet I’ll be paying my nearest tv studio a visit


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SHHH: Paul Lobb recording a news update in the very noisy newsroom. @Lobby_


It’s weird seeing Gavin Morris on 9 News Canberra :slight_smile:

EP1: https://youtu.be/iYg9X-OVF9s?t=7m2s

EP2: https://youtu.be/7dDm6Sk5lPQ?t=4m57s

EP3: https://youtu.be/zG-rM-L3kIg?t=4m56s