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Do we think NBN News could relaunch to 9 News when 9 News regional launches (either as the first bulletin goes live or when it’s all rolled out)?

It would make the most sense out of this whole rebrand and could be their excuse/reason since the July affiliation changes.


It seems decisions for NBN (the TV station) are still being made at a local level in Newcastle, rather than a national Nine level.

Nine seems happy to let NBN News do it’s own thing for now


I would like to think so.

It’s time NBN moved on.

The whole “NBN News on Nine” thing is a bit laughable.


Personally I think it’ll be very interesting to see if the bulletin is still branded as NBN News when they move to their new studios.

As far as the set is concerned, perhaps they might even send the old Nine News Sydney set up the highway? Sadly, even that would probably be a major upgrade for NBN over their current set!


I know I say this often - but the NNSW market is larger than both Perth and Adelaide, it’s the 4th largest tv market in the nation. No reason why it shouldn’t have the type of
Set investment of those two cities

NBN News at 6 gets almost twice as many viewers as 9 news Perth at 6


What is the issue with Nine retaining the NBN brand for their news service - its proven and trusted - why mess with that.

They’ve achieved uniformity of the actual channel’s branding - I don’t think there is any need to change the news at this stage.

Some localism is fine.


Where are they moving to? I can’t find any development application on the Newcastle City Council website. Nine stated in October that NBN would be moving to a site yet to be determined, so if they’re moving by April that is a fast move.


Every city used to have local branding for the news, and one That fell away as the networks bought more stations. NBN News is just the next in line.

The station is now known as Channel 9. So having the news named after an old call sign seemed outdated. If all stations had local news branding fine. But even Darwin and now Canberra wags orange ballarat will have 9 News branding. It doesn’t make sense for one station to be the hold out


I believe they are moving into almost finished premises on Wharf Road in the CBD… a seven storey (or so) office building which will also house KOFM and Hit106.9 … (and other firms).

One would think playout will be moved to Nine’s national playout centre in Sydney just prior to this move.

@antzzz In my view, the whole mish mash of Nine and NBN branding just looks, feels and sounds awkward to my eyes and ears. The sooner they make it 100% Nine, the better.

I’m not saying co-branding can’t work… Prime7 has made it work much better than NBN has with Nine.


That’s not official - but it was what I was hinting at by April. KO and NX are going to be there give or take that date, and the rest of the building won’t be too far behind


True, but the main difference here is that Prime7 is a Seven affiliate, whereas NBN is Nine-owned. Hence NBN should be treated on the same field as Nine’s other O&O stations, especially given the population size of the NNSW market compared to Perth and Adelaide.



Yes, staff know where they will be. There’s no secret of this. Lease signed long ago.


Is that a mock?


that was part of a story on Nine News last night by Steve Marshall, with NSW schools now doing phonetic spelling.


NBN News ran a 4-5 day old story on the NSW cabinet changes tonight - instead of the swearing in, we got the “who could be given what portfolio” report… the story ran in full, then Paul and Natasha apologised, and played the right story 2-3 stories later.


NBN News weatherman Gavin Morris just told Tanya and Steve on KOFM Newcastle that Channel 9 has allowed him to do the Southern NSW Weather for Nine News from Newcastle every night.

This is great news.


He’s gonna be doing Newcastle weather live I guess then 5 pre record weathers for NNSW and 4 pre record weathers for ACT/SNSW.

That’s a lot


Allowed him? Interesting language.