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NBN coverup on Nine News

Weather graphics are unchanged


Why is Nine Newcastle adding an NBN nightly at six promo bug on a 9 News bulletin, when it’s an O&O station?

Not to mention the original bug has a clock and weather flipper so at least serves some purpose - this is just a promo for their 6pm news


Branding has never been one of NBNs strengths.

Their 6pm bulletin is total chaos when it comes to branding … eg. for an intro to a network story, the presenter will say “NBN News can reveal”, and in the report there is a “First on NBN News” cover up, but the reporter will be holding a Nine branded microphone and will say “Nine News understands…” and then there is a pre-recorded sign off such as “Mark Burrows, NBN News”


Weird to see Michael there too from NBN


Because O&O or not, their news operation is still branded as NBN!


Right but 9 News Now is not their news operation.


So they shouldn’t be promoting their 6pm news during an afternoon news program? :man_facepalming:t2:


If promotion of 6pm news is the goal
There are much effective ways of doing that that cover up bugs


Coverup bugs are the way stations promote programs these days and NBN is no exception to any other station.


What other stations are covering up network news bugs with promo for their 6pm news?


Either way they’re doing it. In program bugs/coverups is what the rage is for promotion. It must work because every network is doing it. What are more effective ways of promoting “NBN News” at 6pm then?


Promos promoting that nights stories


I have to agree with @KICK-IT on this one.

Covering up the network logo that is used 24/7 on all other programming seems stupid to me.
Adding the “Every Night at Six” seems weird to me too.

It’s like they’re saying, you’re watching NBN News, but you’re also not because it’s on at 6pm.


Doesn’t the fact that the general station branding in Northern NSW is basically Channel Nine for everything except news say something about how stupid this whole “NBN News on Nine” thing is?

Yes, I know there’ll probably be some people in Newcastle who’ll be saddened at the demise of the NBN News brand but just as long as it’s still produced in Newcastle with local presenters and local content, I think people there will still watch regardless of what branding they use.

NBN’s 55th birthday is coming up in a few weekends from now, that is quite possibly the best opportunity they’ll get this year to pull the trigger on any Nine News branding for Northern NSW but unfortunately I doubt it’ll be used.


I spent 15 years growing up in NNSW (not Newcastle) and NBN is just another Prime7 or Ten. Outside Newcastle the brand does not mean a lot.

For all intents and purposes it is Channel 9 now and has been 6 months and no one has said peep. Clearly they are keeping the NBN News brand for now, but it’s a bit odd - I see the reasoning. I do agree in a transition period - but I think they’ll be saving it for when then move to new studios and go HD and new set


Really? I couldn’t think of a worse date - remind everyone of the heritage of the station and how long it has been part of their lives, and then tell them that you’re throwing it all (or what remains of it) out the window. It would be like the ultimate “fuck you” to the whole region.


I agree, but they should definitely do it before they reach their 60th anniversary.

When is NBN due to move into their new premises?


April apparently


NBN showing Nine News Sydney updates this evening


That’s poor form. They should be running their own complete with local information about the bushfire and emergency info