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How do you actually know when NBN News will start during the cricket? Is it after a certian number of overs?

Why can’t they run NBN News on GEM when the cricket is on???

So many unanswered questions. People are complaining on the NBN and 9 News Facebook pages.


Probably during the tea break, I’m guessing.

Of course Nine News is also affected. It’s probably the earlier rain delay that has pushed back the start of the news.


How do they decide when Tea break is?


There were no opt out windows tonight (Christmas Day). There was only a single bulletin across the network as far as I could tell. So we got a mixture of different local news packages from each region and everyone could see detailed weather for other regions.

The screenshot below was taken in Newcastle.


That’s how it usually is…

In my experience, the local content is usually one Newcastle item aired across the network (usually about Christmas in Newcastle) and network wide weather.



Video link dropped for about 3 seconds coming out of a pre-package but audio remained. Good report from Kate.



NBN should be doing live local coverage right now of the bushfire raging in the hunter



Interesting. I don’t remember seeing any of the new graphics being used on NBN News tonight.


Maybe that image has been taken from Nine News with a couple of NBN News logos over it?


Slowest. Rebrand. Ever!


Y - E - S !!!

Seriously, it should be like ripping off a band aid!

Just be done with it already NBN, sheesh…

The whole “NBN News on Nine” thing is really a bit silly …


they’ve been using those graphics on their twitter feed for about 2 months now. Still use the old graphics on everything else - this one just adds the .COM.AU


Shouldn’t the “.COM.AU” be in lowercase anyway?


on the TV it is, for some reason on their photos on twitter it is capitalised.

No idea why


Jane Goldsmith will be returning from maternity leave to NBN News this weekend:



What are the cities and regions NBN does local news windows for?

Newcastle is live

What are the other 4-5?