NBN News


“Every night at six”


I noticed at one point that the cover-up came in after a couple of minutes.


Of course they have a cover up


NBN did a live cross during their news tonight. https://www.facebook.com/nbntelevision/videos/vb.206757268330/10154690863963331/


It was a bit different tonight seeing Natasha Beyersdorf saying “We’ll cross live to Donald Trump’s campaign” then they cut to the TCN feed. No NBN News coverup (they probably don’t have the coverup in the NBN News vision mixer).


Didn’t get any weather other than Gav’s summary earlier in the bulletin. Oh well.

BTW, the HD watermark was sitting over top of the 9 News watermark after the top of the hour (7pm).


Yes, I thought that was interesting!

For them to be covering up the 9News logo in timeslots when there are significantly fewer viewers, but in prime time, they didn’t!

I didn’t catch the actual cross from NBN News to the coverage of Trumps victory speech, but I bet there was no mention of Nine News then either.


Tash said they were going to switch to the “Network” feed for the speech.


Guess what happened on Twitter today?!

Not my screencap, but I figured that Media Spy might get a laugh out of this! :smiley:


They really should refer to it as Nine News.

As we’ve said on here many times before, NBN’s branding is just a god awful mess.

The station is now generally referred to as “Nine” for 23 hours a day, and yet within that one hour, they still refuse to acknowledge Nine News as such.

Anyhow, I don’t think it will be much longer before NBN News is rebranded as Nine News, and then these issues should be no longer. Early next year is my guess.


My guess will be February to coincide with the launch of the SCA bulletins. Keep things consistent everywhere then.


Some NBN staff have been told that they will retain the NBN News branding because of it’s local significance.

So I doubt there will be a change in Feb. If it was that soon then everyone at NBN would know.

I’m guessing the main reason for the station branding change initially was the cost. Imagine all the work going into NBN logos, voiceovers etc.

I’m tipping a change when they move to their new studios because I reckon they will only re-brand to Nine News if they get a brand new set.

And I don’t think they will waste money on a new set until the move.


If that is the case re NBN News brand local significance, then wouldn’t they have kept the NBN TV brand as well? I still think Nine would rather have a consistent news brand nationally, sooner rather than later, particularly with Nine News launching local news bulletins in other regional markets early next year (via Southern Cross).

Any chance they could get a new set at Mosbri Crescent and just take it with them? I know it would be cheaper to do it the new site, which you think will also get an upgrade to HD.


I completely agree that NBN News should be rebranded as Nine News and also think that will probably happen at some point in the future. However at the same time, I think such a major rebrand would need to be done very carefully so people don’t get the perception that their local NBN News is about to be completely axed in favour of Nine’s 6pm bulletin piped up the line from Sydney.

As I’ve suggested before, a major promotional campaign which reassures local viewers that only the name is changing and it’ll still be the same service it’s always been (still “The only local news made in Northern NSW seven nights a week”, etc.) would be absolutely essential to ensure that any possible branding change from NBN News to Nine News in the future is a very successful one.


Well I think (and have heard) they are not in a big rush to change the brand. NBN News is already a trusted brand so you really don’t need to rush it.

A big grand re-launch at the new studios will have the greatest impact I think.

Some people around here still call Telstra the PMG. They’d prefer the older branding anyway.

But of course, it would be totally stupid to bring the NBN News brand to the new studios.


The station has been known as “Channel 9” for six months. I don’t think changing over on Jan 1, say - would be “rushing it”

Along with a marketing campaign suggested above and a lot of Newcastle and local imagery in the opener and set - there would be little fall out I feel.

Perhaps Nine NSW could start doing two openers. One for Newcastle and one for the rest of NNSW


The move to a new building would be the opportunity to slash local production of NBN News and have Nth NSW with the same Sydney read bulletin as Sth NSW, maybe?


@littlegezzybear Why would they do that?

NNSW is the 4th largest TV market in the country, and NBN News is often in the top 3 shows nightly in the market. That’s some big ratings and ad coin coming in. I don’t think Nine will mess with it.


I don’t think a rebrand is going to change anything though. Reality is people tune in for the news, not for a logo or a brand. If they were to retain the exact same presenters, Style etc but change the logo to Nine, the good people of Newcastle are not going to get their pitchforks out and March down to Mosbri Cres.


You never know. They may have days of protest similar to that of the Trump presidency. Novocastrian a get protective of NBN ahahaha