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NBC is reportedly scrubbing all evidence of Matt Lauer from its New York headquarters and his old office is being demolished. Lauer’s wife Annette Roque and their two youngest children are said to have flown out to the Netherlands after the news broke. His marriage seems to be over, having survived Roque filing for divorce in 2006.


Ryan is also hosting ‘Live with Kelly & Ryan’.


And he occupies his other time in the morning doing his Los Angeles radio program.


The ratings haven’t gone backwards, so maybe NBC will keep her there for the moment.


Should be interesting.


Kelly v Trump Mk II


Hoda and Savannah are just fine on Today. Ratings are going up despite the termination of Lauer 1 and a half weeks ago


Despite? I never liked Lauer so I’m happy he’s gone.


It would be quite a powerful thing if they remained with two female hosts.


I wonder if Hoda and Sav will be a permanent thing?


Confirmation just now that they are.


Although I haven’t seen myself, ratings have apparently improved with Honda as the co-host and if so, it is a good move, as it is brave.

I wonder who will now host (the fourth hour i think) with Kathie-Lee?


Fantastic news. I’m not a big fan of either GMA or Today but from the little that I’ve seen, Hoda is a great host and hopefully stronger times ahead for Today.


Hoda to remain. (Although you’d suspect that might just be for six months or so).


Good decision. She is a great replacement. And add to the fact it’s an all female duo hosting the Today Show. It’s been definetly been much better. Better times ahead for Today.


A great choice and the best thing NBC has done in a while. First all female co hosting duo on breakfast TV in America and first African-American woman to anchor a morning show.

Ratings in fact has been up since Lauer’s firing last November


Pretty sure Diane Swayer & Robin Roberts anchored GMA together for a few years in the mid-2000s


Also Robin Roberts has African American ancestry.


Heres one of the articles, It will be great to hear Hoda’s name on the V/O instead of Matt Lauer’s for a change.


You can hear it here :grinning: