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Savannah and Hoda would be a good pairing. Replace Hoda at 10 with Jenna Bush.


Variety has revealed a two-month investigation which uncovered even more allegations against Matt Lauer. Peter Ford said on 3AW breakfast that the complaint which led to Lauer’s sacking related to an incident which happened during NBC’s coverage of the Rio Olympics last year.


Unsurprisingly, Matt has been dropped from the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree lighting, to be broadcast in 30 minutes on NBC.


Working those American sources he has I’m sure. Everywhere is reporting it was during Sochi. (Sine early reports said Rio before being corrected).


On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2012.


Interesting list of contenders.


He didn’t seem very knowledgable about the show. He wasn’t aware that Hoda Kotb has been the third co-anchor of Today for most of this year, although she doesn’t appear at the desk in the first half hour. He described her on The Morning Show as having been brought in at the last minute and mispronounced her name.


Drop in Meredith or Katie?

I guess the biggest question is would a female double header work or not.


Would Roker work in the role? He did host Wake up with Al.


Katie Couric would certainly bring some much needed stability to the show in the short term.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Stefan Holt parachuted into the role thanks to his NBC News family connection. He doesn’t really have a national profile but he has worked in the big Chicago and New York markets. It caused a stir when he was appointed to a plum newsreading role in New York over people who had been working towards a role like that for years. Some were dubbing the network “Nothing But Children” because so many young people with famous last names were being appointed over better qualified candidates.


Matt Lauer’s first response to the scandal. The statement was read out by Savannah Guthrie at the top of the latest edition:

"There are no words to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions. To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realize the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and NBC.

Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly.

Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching, and I’m committed to beginning that effort. It is now my full time job. The last two days have forced me to take a very hard look at my own troubling flaws. It’s been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace."

Have been watching the show for 30 years and tonight is the first time I’ve seen the show open without any of the anchors announced during the titles.


Has happened before. When Ann Curry left for a little while. On Weekends.


Lauer’s statement as read by Savvanah Guthrie on the TODAY show:

It happened just yesterday, when this news first broke:


New York Post reports Matt Lauer is seeking US$30 million in compensation from NBC for early termination of his contract.


And it’s been reported that NBC News staff have been told Lauer will not be getting a payout as he was fired for cause, NBC say he broke the terms of his contract, his pay ended when he was fired.


Willie Geist should really replace Lauer.


Willie Geist’s participation in this faked surveillance video with Lauer mocking sexual harassment could rule him out:


What about GMA’s George Stephanopoulos replacing Lauer?


Not particularly saying it will happen or that I want it to happen but there were rumours around the time of the London Olympics (before they announced he would be hosting the Olympics for NBC) that Ryan Seacrest was in line to replace Lauer. I think Seacrest has had allegations made against him anyway… will be interesting to see which way they go!


Think he is locked with ABC considering the revival of Idol.